Thursday, March 16, 2017

Resistance As A Form Of Intuitive Guidance...

Have you ever gotten involved with a person or situation that you knew was bad for you? On a deep, visceral level, some part of you knew to resist that situation, but- for whatever reason- you talked yourself out of that knowing & chose to get involved anyway?

Have you ever felt stuck while trying to make a tough decision but afraid to run it by your best friend (or your mother or anyone who knows you quite well), because you knew what their answer would be &- quite frankly- you didn't want to hear it? And- you didn't want to hear it, because deep down inside you knew they'd be right?

What is that knowing? And why do we resist it's call?

I believe it's got something to do with being unable to discern between the kind of inner-resistance that is toxic for our lives and the more protective, instinctual resistance that is there to be a guide... 

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