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Do you ever feel like there's a gigantic gap between the way you're living now and the life of your dreams? Do you sometimes wish you could wave a magick wand and all of your problems would just disappear so that you could finally step into the kickass life you know you were meant to lead? I can't promise you that transformation is as easy as waving a magick wand, but I do have quite a few tricks up my sleeve and am more than happy to share them with you here. So, chin up, Gorgeous, stick around and, most importantly... BELIEVE!

Friday, August 28, 2015

The Weekly Witch Review #69 : Brainbows, The HoodWitch, Yurt Living, Understanding The Elements & More!

TGiF Witches...

Welcome to the latest edition of "The Weekly Witch Review", a kickass guide to all things new & exciting (or at least new & exciting to me) on the wonderfully wacky world wide web... 

(vid) Etsy UK x The Selby. Is it weird-creepy-odd that I wanna kick off My 69th Witch Review with a commercial??? I dunno. Maybe so. But I'm doin' it, cuzz... Etsy!!! -xo

4 Times To Call A Witch Instead Of A Doctor.

LOVE this interview with fashion, beauty & travel blogger, La Carmina, as well as the Goth Witch-esque pics...

Witchcraft is seeing a resurgence among queer-identified young people seeking a powerful identity that celebrates the freedom to choose who you are...

What's a Brainbow??? You know you wanna know!

Medicinal Food : How Specific Foods Can Treat Certain Health Conditions.

Black Girl In Om chats with Bri Luna, The HoodWitch, on Cultivating Our Inner Magic(K).

What granola-munchin', mantra chantin', crystal griddin' Hippie Witch does NOT fantasize about living in a yurt??? I mean really... YURTS ARE COOL...

(vid) Willie the raccoon goes swimming while his brother, Waylon, frets from the sidelines.

Spiritual Growth Through Confrontation : Is It Possible?

Planting Interstellar Seeds : Astrophysicists now show that if life can travel between the stars (a process called panspermia), it would spread in a characteristic pattern that we could potentially identify.

Invasion Of The Franken-Fish... This is so NOT AWESOME.

Mysteries Of Beast, Blood & Bone.

One cool drink of water! Creative, thirst-quenching wish fulfillment...

WiTCHY VLOG OF THE WEEK : Annika Garratt on Understanding The Elements...

Tuesday's Episode Of HiPPiE WiTCH : Magick For A New Age...

 Testing. Testing. One... Two... Is This Thing On?


Thursday, August 27, 2015

EVERY WiTCH WAY : An Interview with Erick Silvermoon on Healing From Bullying, Men & The Goddess + Tribal Magic Oracle Cards...

There was a time when those who were curious about magick had to scout out the nearest metaphysical shop for answers, which could- depending on where you live- require traveling quite the distance, or perusing a typo-rife paper catalog of mysterious sounding titles and ordering by way of snail mail, a hope & a prayer.

Those days are over.

The internet has not only made finding those answers a heck of a lot easier, it's also made it a fully customizable, personal experience.

There is a book, an e-course, a coach, a Youtube personality for everyone!

Some might begrudge this new era of easy access, but I lean into it with relish.

I LOVE the contrast.

You can get dark & dangerous one day and then all fluffy bunny the next.

You can study ancient hermetic systems, dive deep into this or that magickal tradition, research the history of the occult, or simply learn to raise your vibration by focusing on what makes you happy.

In exploring the variety, you get to home in on what resonates with you.

And- if what resonates with you is a healer who radiates joy but is not afraid to go deep with the shadow work, someone who has been through the emotional ringer and bounced back stronger than ever, a thought-leader who is happy to change his mind, share what he learns as he goes, and laugh... A LOT, than Erick Silvermoon just may be the witch for you...

Erick offers a kickass FREE GiFT for connecting with your Spiritual Tribe, a variety of intuitive readings, and his gorgeous Tribal Magic Oracle Cards here...

"Journeys are journeys for a reason. When you think you are done, it is only the beginning of a new one. It is one of the beautiful things about this human experience!" -Erick Silvermoon


Friday, August 21, 2015

The Weekly Witch Review #68 : Animism, Hocus Pocus, In Defense Of Trees, A DiY Specimen Box & More!

TGiF Witches...

Welcome to the latest edition of "The Weekly Witch Review", a kickass guide to all things new & exciting (or at least new & exciting to me) on the wonderfully wacky world wide web... 

Rescuing Wildlife is futile... and necessary.

Weird things start to happen when you stare into someone's eyes for 10 minutes.

HOCUS POCUS : A witchy editorial in black & white...

Annie Strole, the author of Homemade Beauty, shares a kickass recipe for one of her favorite natural beauty treatments & some thoughts on the business of beauty.

In Defense Of Trees : I live in Los Angeles & I see this happening! The drought has killed off so many wonderful trees- even ours- which we do water modestly- have not borne the fruit they usually do & seem a little worse for wear...

Watering trees in a drought is a long-term investment. 
It is even reasonable to plant a new tree, 
as you would light a candle in the darkness.


The history of our planet is filled with incredible mysteries. Even though archaeologists and scientists are working hard to figure everything out, we know very little about our past... 10 Unexplained Discoveries On Earth.

Welcome to Dismaland, a theme park unsuitable for children & Banksy's biggest show to date.

DiY Specimen Box : Such a sweet lil' project..

Ghost Hunting vs Paranormal Investigation... This is absolutely perfect for the occult theme we've playing around with all week on Facebook!

Allowing On A Late Summer Day : LOVE this so much...

"We often see high Summer and the dead of Winter as opposite wings on the wheel of the year but the truth is that they have more in common than we might imagine. 

Like the Yin and Yang, anything that is opposite also holds the other within it. 

The essence of Winter, and its demand for rest, recuperation and the regathering of vision, is flecked like mica throughout the high summer months. In Winter, we rest because there is nothing to plant but dreams. 

In high Summer, there is a similar pause. At the hottest peak of the day, there is often nothing to do but take our well-mixed creations out of the oven. Let them cool on the windowsill and give ourselves a moment of quiet regeneration and soulful reprieve."

I posted some pics on Facebook of the current issue of Witches & Pagans magazine some time ago, but I just want to add that- months later- I am still loving it! This particular issue, with it's theme of The Magickal Home is so my witchy flavor.

There's an awesome piece on Feng Shui For Pagans by Tess Whitehurst and a whole slew of fascinating reads on everything from protecting your home with Voudou to discovering the esoteric apothecary hidden in your kitchen cupboards.

My personal fave is a piece on animism & Shinto by Alicia Cole. Highly recommend picking up a copy!

And- speaking of animism, this is pretty cool... Shamanic Evocation & The Power Of Animism.

That Summer Feeling... Tattoos, Hippie Beads & One Kickass Bikini.

WiTCHY VLOG OF THE WEEK : Katey Flowers on Opening To New Spiritual Experiences...

Tuesday's Episode Of HiPPiE WiTCH : Magick For A New Age...