THE JO DEVOE SHOW #25 : Tarot + Astrology For Navigating Your Journey with Theresa Reed

If you've been listening to The Jo DeVoe Show for some time, you know that I end every episode by saying that The Journey Is The Creation. 

That's not just a slogan for the podcast, it’s a way of life for me.

So, when—during this episode—Theresa Reed used a traveling metaphor to explain the way tarot and astrology work together, that really rang true.

She compares your natal chart to a road map, the astrological transits to the daily traffic and the tarot to a detour for getting yourself out of a jam. 

How useful is that? 

I love a useful metaphor, and I love that my job grants me the privilege to speak with iconic, inspiring creatives like Theresa Reed! 

I hope you find these conversations worth your while, too...

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