KICKASS WITCH : Putting The "K" In Magick
Do you ever feel like there's a gigantic gap between the way you're living now and the life of your dreams? Do you sometimes wish you could wave a magick wand and all of your problems would just disappear so that you could finally step into the kickass life you know you were meant to lead? I can't promise you that transformation is as easy as waving a magick wand, but I do have quite a few tricks up my sleeve and am more than happy to share them with you here. So, chin up, Gorgeous, stick around and, most importantly... BELIEVE!


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(7-30-20) Why I'm Leaving Facebook + Magickal Cyber-Security

(7-21-20) Life Advice From A Real Hippie with  Brigitte Mars

(7-11-20) Is Voodoo For You? African Spiritual Traditions with Lilith Dorsey

(6-29-20) The Holy Magickal Work Of Deep Listening

(6-26-20) Why The Political Is Personal + The Shadow Wand book chat

(6-18-20) Travel & Adventures In Nature with The Outdoorsy Diva... 

(5-30-20) The Magick Of Flow States with Vivian Spiral

(4-30-20) Gaslighting, Self Blame & The Collective Shadow

(4-17-20) Pop Magick with Alex Kazemi...

(4-10-20) Witchmark & The Magick Of Fiction with author C.L. Polk

(3-31-20) Touchy Feely Meditations On Life + Late Blooming Dreams...

(3-21-20) A Mindful Lock Down + Existential Kink with Carolyn Elliott

(3-13-20) Ramble About Life + Heidi Stevens of The Feminine Co

(2-29-20) The Magick Of Community + The Key Tarot...

(2-15-20) Making Peace With Death - an interview with a death doula

(2-7-20) Word Craft & The Magical Writing Grimoire...

(1-31-20) Tarot Cards, Shadow Work & The Inner Temple Of Witchcraft

(12-31-19) HELLO 2020. Have A Happy Hippie New Year!

(12-19-19) Movie Magick & Women In Hollywood

(12-12-5-19) Magickal Self Care & The Wellness Witch...

(11-29-19) Biz Witchery with The Possibility Department...

(11-23-19) Revolutionary Witchcraft with Sarah Lyons

(10-30-19) The Season Of Sacrifice + A Lawyer Witch

(10-16-19) Planner Nerd Magick & Witchy Fiction with The Pop Witch...

(10-08-19) Unicorn Magic, Memento Mori & All The Good Vibes...

(9-18-19) The Pursuit Of Excellence...

(9-10-19) The Astrology Of Love Sex with Annabel Gat...

(9-3-19) The Magick Of Anticipation...

(9-8-30-19) The Black Witch Chronicles with YA Author Laurie Forest

(8-25-19) Lessons From The Summer Of Magick

(8-17-19) Healing Spiritual Abuse with The Naked Pastor

(8-8-19) Healing With Plants & The Organic Spiral Of Success

(7-23-19) How To Be A Psychic Witch with Mat Auryn

(7-19-19) Fun With Astrologer & Psychic-Medium Jessica Lanyadoo

(7-14-19) The Road To Radical Responsibility

(7-9-19) Work As Play, Joy, Freedom & Desire with Jericho Brown

(6-24-19) The Power Of Tarot, Tattoos & A Little Dog with Liz Worth

(6-12-19) 10 Tips For Rocking The Summer Of Magick

(6-8-19) Waking The Witch with author Pam Grossman...

(6-1-19) The Magick Of Books, Chocolat & The Writer's Life ~ Joanne Harris

(5-21-19) How To Be A Manifestation Goddess with Abiola Abrams

(5-17-19) The Courage To Dare with Joni Griffith

(5-7-19) Psychometry, Mudras & The Magick Of Time with Gwen Womack

(4-30-19) Baby, You're A Star...

(4-18-19) Tarot For Troubled Times with The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed...

(4-9-19) Tarot, Thelema & Enochian Magick with Lon Milo DuQuette

(3-29-19) Sex, Drugs & Witchcraft with Gabriela Herstik...

(3-23-19) Curiosity For Life : an Interview with Greg Soden

(3-16-19) Spring! A Season Of Faith...

(3-5-19) Faith In Magick + an interview with Joel Adifon...

(2-19-19) The Miracle Club + The Truth About Magick with Mitch Horowitz

(2-16-19) The Busy Witch's Guide To Micro-Magick On The Go...

(2-6-19) Letters From A Living Dead Man...

(1-30-19) A New Year In Review : The Invitation Of Imbolc

(1-19-19) Mary Oliver is GOD. And So Are You...

(1-11-19) LEAP As A Practice...

(12-28-18) A Giddy Ramble About Glamour Magick, Drag Queens & JOY

(12-07-18) If You Think Gratitude Is Fluff, You Are Mistaken...

(11-29-18) Strive or Do Not, But Still... You Must Chill...

(11-24-18) Pop Pantheons, Mushrooms & Budget Witch

(11-15-18) No but... Who are you really? The Case For Deliberate Self Identity.

(10-24-18) The House That Magick Built : Manifesting A Dream Home

(10-22-18) MOON DAY MAGiCK : Silly Fun Random Just For The Heck Of It... 

(10-17-18) FEAR LESS. Processing Shadows & Pent Up Old Junk...

(09-20-18) FEAR LESS. Ruling The Shadowscape With Love...

(09-11-18) FEAR LESS. First You Have To Learn To See The Signs...

(08-21-18) Everyday Tarot For Manifesting Your Dreams with Brigit Esselmont

(08-14-18) Seeking Joy : Editor In Chief of The Cartomancer, Arwen Lynch-Poe

(08-07-18) Fearless Creation & A Hand-Illustrated Tarot Deck with Benebell Wen...

(08-30-18) MOON DAY MAGiCK : What I'm Loving Now... 

(07-24-18) Kali As The Feminine Face Of Saturn

(06-28-18) BOOK NERD: Stephen King, Audio Books & HP Book Club

(06-19-18) The Quest To Understand (interview with Jessi Huntenburg)

(06-12-18) Life Lessons Harry Potter Taught Me with Jill Kolongowski

(06-5-18) 3 Lessons From Saturn & The Book Of Fear...

(05-22-18) Light Magic For Dark Times with Lisa Marie Basile...

(05-19-18) SDEP #21 : Some Not Fun Stuff + The Usual Chatty Nonsense

(05-15-18) Preparing Channels Of Belief & Opportunity In Magick

(05-12-18) SDEP #20 : F-Bombs, Licorice Tea & Tarot Nerd Chat...

(05-08-18) You Lucky Witch : Choosing Your Magickal Path

(05-18) SDEP #19 : Vulnerability In The Era Of Call Out Culture...

(04-28-18) SDEP #18 : Isle Of Dogs, New Old Vinyl & A Queen Candle...

(04-24-18) Spiritual Rewilding : The Tools Of Magick...

(04-21-18) SDEP #17 : Scented Candle Fails, Cat Stuff & Book Nerdery...

(04-17-18) Riding The Wheel To Become The Master Of Your Fate...

(04-14-18) SDEP #16 : 3 Hippie Cottage Witch Tips & Some Other Stuff.

(04-10-18) Great Expectations & The Bold Cast Of Characters Within

(03-31-18) SDEP #14 : Tigernite, The Alienistm Love & Medical Mediums

(03-27-18) THE SOUL OF YOUR BODY & HOME - Time For A Spring Queening.

(03-24-18) SDEP #13 : Moonfelt Malas & Children Of Blood & Bone

(03-20-18) How To Capture The Energy Of Spring Anytime You Need A Boost

(03-17-18) SDEP #12 : Spring Fever, Magicians & Prayer Beads

(03-13-18) Fairy Magick & Hippie Witchery with Nixie Marie of I AM Goddess

(03-9-18) SDEP #11 : A Wrinkle In Time & A Rambly Ramble

(03-6-18) Lessons From An Accelerated Spiritual Practice...

(02-28-18) The Life Of A Psycho-Spiritual Witch

(02-24-18) Saturn's Day Evening Post #10 : Toxic Terms + Black Panther Magick

(02-20-18) Cultural & Personal Shadows Revealed Online...

(02-17-18) Saturn's Day Evening Post #9 : The End Days + Lessons From Harry Potter

(02-13-18) Q&A (Part Five) : You Asked For It...

(02-10-18) Saturn's Day Evening Post #8 : Venus in Pisces & Self Image

(02-06-18) Q&A (Part Four) : You Asked For It...

(01-27-18) Saturn's Day Evening Post #7 : Help From The Universe, Weird Songs. etc

(01-23-18) Q&A (Part Three) : You Asked For It...

(01-20-18) Saturn's Day Evening Post #6 : Locally Owned + Road Etiquette

(01-16-18) Q&A (Part Two) : You Asked For It...

(01-9-18) Soul Tribes For Life & Love with Joey Morris & Cris Ashburn

(01-6-18) Saturn's Day Evening Post #4 : Cookie Cereal & Resisting Life's Upgrades

(01-02-18) The #1 Key To Success : Stop Freaking Yourself Out.

(12-30-17) Saturn's Day Evening Post #3 : Vulnerability & Anticipation.

(12-29-17) The Perks Of Being Queen Of Your Own Life.

(12-23-17) Saturn's Day Evening Post #2 : Time Turning & The Magick Of Wonder.

(12-9-17) Q&A (Part One) : You Asked For It... 

(12-16-17) SDEP #1 : The Light In My Shadow.

(12-12-17) Saturnalia On The New Moon : A Funky Solstice Passage Of Time.

(12-5-17) Wrapping Up 2017 As A Gift For The Year Ahead

(11-28-17) The Magick Of Self Image

(11-21-17) Cyber Hearts, Snow Queens & Planner Nerds w Kelly-Ann Maddox

(11-14-17) MOONOLOGY : Planning by The Phases Of The Moon w Yasmin Boland

(11-7-17) The Magick Of A Kickass Planner Nerd

(10-31-17) Halloween Special : Descansos, Shadow Work & LOA

(10-24-17) Angels, Reiki, Crystals...Adventures In Woo with Marla Martenson

(10-17-17) Visions That Manifest + #BlackGirlMagic with Abiola Abrams

(10-16-17) A Hopeful Ramble About Death, Dia de los Muertos & Santa Muertos

(10-10-17) Real Magick Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone

(9-19-17) Naha Armády on Tarot, Magick & The Middle Pillar Ritual

(9-12-17) TAROT : Beyond The Little White Book with Liz Worth

(9-5-17) Tarot to Heal & Reveal with Jessi Huntenburg

(8-20-17) (Special Edition For Women) : How To Work With The Queen Archetype

(8-15-17) Raising Kids In A Magickal Home

(8-17) Hearth & Home : The Magickal Household

(7-18-17) The Joy In Being A Selfish F#cking B:tch 

(7-11-17) Pronoia & The Signs : Tarot & Astrology For Fluffy Bunny Magicians

(6-20-17) As Polarizing As You Wanna Be : Interview With The Fat, Feminist Witch

(6-13-17) Mindset & Setting : Setting The Stage For Transformation

(6-6-17) The Courage To Take Responsibility For Your Own Transformation

(5-23-17) Life Is Just So Daily : Post-Decluttering Maintenance

(5-16-17) Energetic Space Clearing & Ye Homes of Woo

(5-9-17) Your Home As The Vision Board Of Your Soul

(5-2-17) The Shifting Sands Of Belief : Astrology, Animism & Feng Shui

(4-18-17) Astrotheology, Goddesstrology & Cosmic Feminine Archetypes

(4-11-17) Magick Mushrooms, Herbal Witchcraft & The Plant To God Ratio

(4-4-17) GOD : A Holographic Perspective In Constant Flux

(3-21-17) The Morrigan & Dandelion Magick for Righteous Resistance - Joey Morris

(3-14-17) The Fortune Teller with author Gwendolyn Womack

(3-7-17) The Two-Headed Beast Within

(2-21-17) Manifesting A Soul Mate Relationship & A Life You Love With Sarah Prout

(2-14-17) Molly Roberts on SELF LOVE & Creative Expression

(2-7-17) You Are Wearing Your Insides On The Outside

(1-24-17) Making Space & The Fear That Follows Clarity

(1-17-17) THE TAO OF CRAFT with author Benebell Wen

(1-10-17) A Not So Quiet Riot with Special Guest- Fire Lyte of Inciting A Riot

(1-3-17) Saturn, Doctor Strange & The Privilege Of Time

(12-20-16) The Great Transition : From One Year To The Next

(12-13-16) 3 Steps For Turning Your Happy New Year Into A Happy Life

(12-6-16) The Magick & Meaning Behind Power Words

(11-22-16) Tap Into Your Intuition & Creativity With The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed

(11-15-16) Awaken Your Genius With Bad Witch & Kickass Creatrix, Carolyn Elliott

(11-8-16) Your Life Is Your Vote

(11-1-16) Crafting Your Own Magickal Lifestyle

(10-18-14) The Magick Of Shadow Work

(10-11-16) Words Are Wands : The Language Of Spellcasting

(10-4-16) May The Force Be With You.

(9-20-16) Earth! Air! Fire! Water! Why You Need Them All.

(9-13-16) Recovering From The Fantasies Of Fear

(9-6-16) Is Time Kicking Your Ass?... Yeah. It Does That.

(8-23-16) From Wound Mates To Soul Mates + Dawn Champine, The Goddess Diaries

(8-16-16) Your Home Is Both A Mirror & An Expression of Your Soul

(8-9-16) The Courage Connection : Speak To Share. Listen To See.

(8-2-16) Healing The Wounds Of Codependency

(7-26-16) Using The Tools Of Magick To Create Every Moment Of Your Life

(6-28-16) Presentiment, Spirit Guides & The Magick Of Liminal Space

(6-21-16) Magickal Games For Magickal People

(6-14-16) Kledons, Clairaudience, Freudian Slips & Your Inner Soundtrack

(6-7-16) DREAM ON : Dream Until Your Dreams Come True...

(5-24-16) Finding The Goddess Online with Dawn Champine of The Goddess Diaries

(5-17-16) Cyber Space : The New Frontier For Spiritual Gatherings

(5-13-16) MERCURY Rx SOUND CHECK w Dawn Champine, The Goddess Diaries

(5-10-16) An interview with Joey Morris, Starry Eyed Supplies.

(5-3-16) 13 Principles For Creating The Kickass Life Of Your Dreams

(4-27-16) Transforming The Denser Energies Of Your Body

(4-12-16) Physical Transformation As A Metaphor For Magick

(4-05-16) The Sensual Witch : Activating The Senses For A More Magickal Life

(3-29-16) Mesmerism, Mentalism & Self Hypnosis

(3-22-16) How To Rewire Your Subconscious Mind

(3-15-16) Breaking Thru The Glass Ceiling In Your Own Mind

(3-9-16) PART TWO : How To Change Your Mind On Purpose

(3-8-16) From F#CKED To F#cking Awesome : How To Change Your Mind On Purpose

(2-23-16) When Enough Is Not Enough : How To Manifest Life's Pleasures Guilt-Free

(2-16-16) Money. Money. Money. One Last Hoorah For The Old You!

(2-9-16) Money Magick From The Outside In

(2-2-16) MONEY... What's It To You?

(1-26-16) Rule Or Be Ruled : The Power Of Emotion

(1-19-16) You Are Not The Boss Of Me... Developing The 3rd Chakra

(1-12-16) Yes, But How Did You Make Them Feel?

(12-22-15) Chatting with Lisa Jahn Haight about Thriving While Surviving Cancer

(12-15-15) Chatting with JR Cline, Photographer, Wanderer, Friend

(12-08-15) Chatting With The Super Creative & Ever Magickal Molly Roberts

(12-01-15) Chatting With My Friend Ericka About Creating A Kickass Life

(11-24-15) Words Are Weapons : Stories Of Mind-Control, Magick, Curses & Spells

(11-17-15) True Stories And The Magick Of A Lie

(11-10-15) Your Fairy Tale Life : Making It Up As You Go Along

(10-27-15) The Suit Of Pentacles : Tarot 101 (Part Four)

(10-20-15) The Suit Of Wands : Tarot 101 (Part Three)

(10-13-15) The Suit Of Cups : Tarot 101 (Part Two)

(10-06-15) The Suit Of Swords : Tarot 101 (Part One)

(09-22-15) Deliberate Manifestation : The Long & Short Of It...

(09-15-15) You Will Never Be Given More Than You Can Handle.

(09-08-15) Pollyanna Joanna : As FLUFFY As I Wanna Be...

(09-01-15) Living Legend- Laurie Cabot on The Art & Science Of Magick

(08-26-15) Testing. Testing. One... Two... Is This Thing On?

(08-18-15) A Church By Any Other Name... Jacob No on The Left Hand Path

(08-11-15) You Are A Channel For Source Energy...

(08-04-15) All The Scary Things! Fear Of The Occult

(07-28-15) Soul Retrieval (Part 4) : Let The River Run. Courting Creative Flow.

(07-21-15) Soul Retrieval (Part 3) : Cold Dead Fantasies & The Fire Of Life

(07-14-15) Soul Retrieval (Part Two) : Coming Back To Your Senses

(07-07-15) Soul Retrieval (Part One) : It Starts With Intuition

(06-30-15) BODY + SOUL (Part Two)

(06-23-15) BODY + SOUL : The Ultimate Self Care

(06-16-15) Grieving Is Leaving Your Past Behind... Where It Belongs.

(06-02-15) Ask & It Is Given... Unless You Have No Room To Receive!

(05-26-15) Monkey Business & Evil Money

(05-19-15) Mirror Work : A Reflection On Money

(05-12-15) Reverse Snobbism & The Shadow Of Money

(05-05-15) Crafting Your Own Special Brand Of Magick

(04-28-15) The Great Rite : A Symbolic Act Of Creation

(04-21-15) Special Guest, herbalist, author, raw food chef, Brigitte Mars

(04-14-15) The Principle Of Contagion + Emotional Entrainment

(04-07-15) Woo Woo In The Hoo Hoo : The Magick Of Yoni Eggs

(03-31-15) The Magick Of Earth

(03-24-15) The Magick Of Fire

(03-17-15) The Magick Of Water

(03-10-15) The Magick Of Air

(03-03-15) The Witch That Can Be Named Is Not The Witch

(02-24-15) From Self-Pity To Kickass

(02-17-15) The Pisces Avatar : Christ Consciousness For The New Age

(02-10-15) Heart Centered Business As A Path To Abundance with Ryan James Lock

(02-03-15) Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law... Unless...

(01-27-15) The Structure Of Freedom

(01-20-15) Everything Is Awesome!

(01-13-15) To Be Silent... And- What About That "K"?

(01-6-15) Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone

(12-23-14) Fear In Planning

(12-16-14) The Born Again Pagan?

(12-09-14) Stop it. Just Stop It! Enough Already...

(12-02-14) The Touchstone Of Daily Devotion

(12-25-14) The Left Hand Path : Naughty Or Nice?

(11-18-14) The Genius Of A Magickal Mastermind

(11-11-14) Believing Is Seeing

(11-04-14) TOXiC FAiTH : Losing My Religion

(10-28-14) The Sacred Bitch : Your New Best Friend

(10-21-14) The Addict : An Archetype For Modern Living

(10-14-14) Walk Your Talk.

(10-07-14) FOMO & The JOY Of Cutting Back

(09-30-14) From Faith To Surrender

(09-23-14) Equal Day. Equal Night. What's It To You?

(09-16-14) YES. You Can Have It All.

(09-09-14) The Season Of Pumpkin Everything!

(09-02-14) JUST. DO. iT.

(08-26-14) The Goddess Diaries & YOU (with Special Guest, Dawn Champine).

(08-19-14) Kickass Liminality : Rocking The In Between Times

(08-12-14) The Pleasure Principle

(08-05-14) The Magickal Siesta

(07-29-14) Live Like You're Dying

(07-22-14) Congratulations. You have arrived.

(07-15-14) Empowering Labels vs Bullshit Titles

★  (07-08-14) Fight Or Flight vs Feeling Your Edges

(07-01-14) How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

(06-24-14) How To Be A Kickass Witch

(06-17-14) The Season Of The Sun

(06-10-14) The New Age Of The New Age

(06-03-14) And The Green Grass Grows All Around, All Around...

(05-27-14) Gwyneth Paltrow, The World's Most Hated Celebrity, And YOU

(05-20-14) The Church Of Rock & Roll

(05-13-14) The Magick Of Proactivity : If You Fail To Plan You Plan To Fail

(05-06-14) I Know What's Wrong With You

(04-29-14) Rad, Mad & Bad To Know : Witches, Bitches & Feminists

(02-25-14) Chaos Magick With Kelly-Ann Maddox Of The Four Queens

(02-18-14) The Magick Of Wicca With Sheri Breault Kreitner Of Lunar Wisdom

(02-11-14) Soul-Based Astrology With Astrologer Coach, Sonja Francis

(02-04-14) Manifesting With The Moon : Special Guest, Dawn Champine

(01-28-14) The Magick Of Ritualized Transitions

(01-21-14) The Magick Of Food

(01-14-14) Faith Is Not A Strategy 

(01-07-14) Incorporating The Old Into The New

(12-31-13) Moving Beyond Your Perceived Limitations

(12-24-13) Fate As A Container For Your Soul's Destiny 

(12-17-13) The Winter Solstice

(12-10-13) How To Survive A Spiritual Set Back Or Plateau

(12-03-13) Curse Words, Boundaries & A Bit Of A Ramble

(11-26-13) The Magick Of Gratitude

(11-20-13) How To Perform A Glamour (Part 2)

(11-19-13) How To Perform A Glamour

(11-12-13) The Dark Side Of The Law Of Attraction

(11-05-13) The Happy Go Lucky Witch

(11-02-13) The Psycho-Spiritual Wheel Of The Year

(10-29-13) The Prostitute Within : We All Have One

(10-22-13) Reframing The Victim In Your Shadow

(10-15-13) Shadows & Light : Playing Nice With Your Inner Child

(10-07-13) Bringing The Saboteur Into The Light

(10-01-13) Archetypes & Mythology As A Path To Understanding

(09-24-13) Shit Happens. So- What Are You Gonna Do About It?
(09-17-13) The Spiritual Cherry Picker : Eclectic New Age Practice

(09-10-13) It's Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been

(09-03-13) Lost And Found : Coming Home To Yourself

(08-27-13) Always A Blessing...

(08-20-13) Agro Man! Name It To Tame It

(08-14-13) Live Call In Show (Part 2)! Finding Your Soul's Purpose

(08-13-13) Live Call In Show! Finding Your Soul's Purpose

(08-06-13) Life Happens Now : Being Present To What Is

(07-30-13) The Secret To Eternal Youth 

(07-23-13) The Magick Of Mother Earth : Nature's Medicine

(07-16-13) Earth-Based Spirituality : Now Is The Time

(07-09-13) The Pop Pantheon : Creative Inner-Guidance

(07-02-13) Karma & The Three Fold Law

(06-25-13) Walking The Spiral Path Toward Expansion

(06-18-13) The Magick Of Forgiveness

(06-11-13) Pareidolia & The Crystal Ball

(06-04-13) Be Your Own Guru

(05-21-13) Fear vs Love : Creating Heaven or Hell On Earth

(05-14-13) Intuition & Psychic Development : Opening To What You Know

(05-07-13) Guided Magick : Finding Your Soul's Purpose

(04-30-13) The Witches Pyramid : A Symbol Of Manifestation