THE JO DEVOE SHOW #28 : Exploring Spiritual Mentorship with Sheila Vijeyarasa

The way we frame the hardest experiences of our lives has a direct impact on our ability to navigate them.

For example...

Rebranding "the dark night of the soul" as "the dark night of courage" can make a world of difference, because the instructions for moving through it are built right in.

It is with courage that one may become better acquainted with the terrain of the soul, and so this linguistic turn toward greater specificity invites us deeper into an important developmental phase of darkness that we might otherwise be inclined to resist.

Sheila Vijeyarasa is the one who introduced me to that particular reframe, and I'm quite happy to be able to share the conversation in which she did so here with you now... 

★ Exploring Spiritual Mentorship with Sheila Vijeyarasa...

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