THE JO DEVOE SHOW #30 : Could You Be Psychic? Can Psychic Ability Be Developed?

I am not a professional psychic, but I am psychic... just like you.

Everybody is psychic.

The Latin root of the word psychic is psychicus, which means "relating to the soul."

I won't claim to know much about the mechanics of life, but I will confidently say that you have a Soul and that your Soul knows things your ego mind can only dream of comprehending.

I like to capitalize the word Soul in the same way some folks choose to capitalize words like God, Goddess, Nature or The Universe.

These are the words we use to represent the divine, which is what your Soul is.

Your Soul is the eternal, divinely charged center of your being AND the atmosphere in which you breathe and feel and experience life.

You are both in it and it is in you.

Your psyche is the bridge between your Soul and your ego mind (or personality.)

It's the line of communication that connects your self to your Self and through which you can receive the most extraordinary information... extra ordinary, as in uncommon but perfectly natural.

It is only uncommon because society does not typically teach us how to nurture and maintain this connection.

The good news is that is something we can do for ourselves in practice...     

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