Being human in a human world is risky business.

The potential for harm lurks around every corner : emotional, mental & physical abuse, hurt feelings, energetic vampires, illness, accidents & all manner of violence.

No wonder so many of us choose to disconnect, whether by losing ourselves in addiction to food, sex, drama, social media, tv, drugs or alcohol or by escaping into the elevated planes of spiritual bypass, convincing ourselves that we've got a greater sense of control there and that we can somehow excuse ourselves from the pain of life.

That kind of escape always comes at a price, not just to your own personal reality but to the lives of the people you are meant to serve, and...

You serve by being present.

It takes a great deal of COURAGE to commit to being present and to the process of becoming more fully embodied in the here & now, but the rewards of that commitment are priceless.

Silver Ravenwolf once wrote this thing that has since stuck with me.

She said :

"Witches are among the physical angels of the Earth plane, and their job is not only to enhance their own lives but to be of service to those around them."

I really love that as an aspirational ideal.

We can be angels for each other. Right here. Right now.

But first- we must learn to be the angels of our own lives, and we do that by lifting the "fallen angels" of our subconscious personalities up into the conscious mind, by loving up the proverbial demons of the shadow.

It is a mistake to charge into shadow work with the intent of casting out demons or slaying dragons. Those demons and dragons are, in fact, parts of ourselves. They are the rejected, unloved parts, and it is literally impossible to get rid of or escape them.

Shame cannot cast out shame.

Therefore- the path to liberation and a greater sense of self love, the kind of love that facilitates our own kind, angelic nature and a deep inner peace, is one of illumination.

As Martin Luther King Jr so famously said :

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."

And- when we learn to cast a light into our own darkness and to love those formerly rejected parts of ourselves, we invite others to go there with us.

In that way, SELF LOVE is in service to the world at large, as others are watching & feeling you online, at home, at work, while you're out running errands...

Kindness & peace flow from the deepest levels of SELF LOVE & we get there through the shadow.

This 6 part audio journey is designed to help you do just that... 

SHADOW LOVE : Return To The Seat Of The Soul...