KICKASS WITCH : Putting The "K" In Magick (Part 4)

Part Four... That means it's almost been one month since I launched this here kickass biz & blog.

What a learning experience it's been so far! And- there's still so much to do to get it all up & running the way I want it to.

The main thing these past three weeks have taught me is patience, patience with my imperfect self & patience with my verrry imperfect computer. It's also been a lesson in humility, because, well... I want it to be perfect, damn it!

"Humility is attentive patience." -Simone Weil

Also- I may live in La La Land, home to an unusually large population of narcissists, but my self-absorbtion has it limits. So, this will be my last post chronicling the launch of KICKASS WITCH : Putting The "K" In Magick.

I will still be posting here every Monday, but the content will vary. I want to talk about things like meditation & the chakra system, girl power, self love, fitness, finance, and what it means to live a kickass life.

If there are any topics that you'd like to see me cover, now would be an excellent time to let that be known. (Although, I'm always open to suggestions.)

As far as the rest of the week goes, Wednesdays will still be dedicated to "Punk Rawk Kitchen Witchery" & I will happily continue on with "The Witch List" every Friday.


I hope this period of Mercury in retrograde is treating you & your machines kindly, and, before I go, I'd like to leave you with a few words of wisdom from a real live Goddess, Sierra Bender.

I LOVE this video & have watched it dozens of times over the last few years. It's not exactly on topic with this post, but I thought you might enjoy it anyway.

"Don't ever mistake my kindness for weakness & don't ever take me for granted." -Sierra Bender