THE WiTCH LiST : 13 KickAss Magick Shops On Etsy

1. Carole Axium's Custom Artisan Jewelry : This is a great place to find chunky silver pendants & rings, featuring turquoise, carnelian, agate & jasper stones. And really, I'm listing this shop first so that we can all just take a moment to admire this Moonstone & Silver Vial Pendant. Ooooh... Aaaaah....

2. Moonlit Herbals : Have you ever wished for a magickal emporium, filled with all kinds of enchanting goodies to delight the senses & tickle your spirit, everything from blessed ritual oils, incenses & amulets to adorably packaged spell candles & bath brews? Than this shop's for you...

3. Baganus Batik Hand-Painted Clothing : Yoga is a fantastic addition to any spiritual or fitness program. In fact, it's a wonderful way to blend the two, and now you can do that in comfort AND style with these Ganesh, Buddha & Shiva-themed clothes.

4. Rawclates : What could be more magickal than chocolate that's actually good for you?! These tasty treats are 100% organic, raw, gluten & dairy free, kosher, low glycemic & rich with exotic superfoods. Try the Saffron Chocolate Coated Mango, Cinnamon Peanut Cups & Goji Rose Chocolate Bars.

5. Laurel Hill : Laurel's work is inspired by the form & function of primitive jewelry and explores the connection between adornment & a belief system. (Sounds witchy to me!) Her jewelry features silver & brass crescent moons, jasper & turquoise stones, power animals and this hippie trippy psychic eye...

6. Strangeling : Jasmine Becket-Griffith's paintings feature the cutest & most hypnotically mystical creatures, like mermaids, fairies, goddesses &, yes, witches. Plus- she offers her work in print form, which makes the fun affordable for everyone.

7. Luna Enchantment's Magickal Cupboard : This is an "Authentic Witch's Apothecary, where something enchanting is always brewing..." Misting Vapors, Hand-Poured Candles, Altar Adornments & the most charming Spell Kits!

8. Green Earth Stones : I have a small but mighty(!) rock collection & my Mookaite Power Stone is one of my favorite pieces. I got that here, because I was so blown away by the prices. They also carry Beaded Bracelets, Crystal Clusters, Healing Wands, Stone Spheres & Groovy Crystals Kits.

9. Moonlight Micro Farm : Every green witch worth her salt keeps a garden. And- this shop is a wonderful source for organic sprouts & seeds to grow your own tomatoes, clover, sunflowers, lentils, lettuce, pumpkins & so much more...

10. Out Of Creation : I'm a sucker for cabochon stones, and what I really love about Dave Hall's cabochon creations is that many are set in gold. So pretty!

11. Rita's Spiritual Goods : This place is an online witchy wonderland! It's packed with things like Witch Bottles, Mojo Bags, Ritual Oils, Poppets & Second Sight Hoodoo Root Powder, all created & inspired by the energy & spirit of real life.

12. Broom Chick : This is the go-to place for a fabulous-looking & surprisingly functional broom. How could you not feel witchy sweeping the floor with one of these?

13. Leather Joy : There's something so magickal about a handmade leather journal & these come with extra special touches like embossed covers, brass hardware & a lapis lazuli center stone.

And there you have it... 13 Magickal Etsy Shops! Did I miss anything? What about you? Do you have your own Etsy Shop or a favorite that you'd like to share? Feel free to include it in the comments below.


p.s. Here's my crazy-long list of Etsy Favorites. ENJOY!