The Witch List : 7 KickAss Dudes On The Internet

Despite the mainstream media's depiction of men as the less fair sex, not every guy is an emotionally stunted, booze-swilling, porn-obsessed jerk.

And- to prove my point, I give you 7 KickAss Dudes On The Internet, quality people who will restore your faith in men as inventive, adventurous and, yes, thoughtful creatures. Let's hear it for the boys!

"It's not the men in my life that counts, it's the life in my men." -Mae West

1. Brett McKay is the respectable, well-educated fellow responsible for Art of Manliness, which he runs with his wife, Kate. Together, they stylishly present millions of monthly readers with "the skills & virtues that turn boys into men of substance & character", posting on everything from must-read books to dating manners to shaving properly and how to carve a turkey. Continuing the theme of mastering the art of manliness, their popular book, Manvotionals, outlines their idea of the seven manly virtues : Manliness, Courage, Industry, Resolution, Self-Reliance, Discipline & Honor.

2. I have been an enthusiastic follower of Todd Selby's kickass photography project, The Selby, since the beginning, as it "offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist's eye for detail". The Selby began in June 2008, when Todd started posting photo shoots he did of his friend's homes to his website. It was an instant hit, with daily requests quickly pouring in from viewers all over the world, wanting their homes to be featured on the site, and now it's grown to such proportions that it's given birth to an equally excellent foodie site, Edible Selby.

3. Daniel Vitalis is far & away one of my all time favorite people on the internet. He first came to my attention several years ago, when I was researching alchemy for a writing project and stumbled upon his now defunct "Elixir Craft Mastery" program. From there, I found his videos on the raw food lifestyle, which I also was just getting into, and then he really got my attention when he publicly gave up veganism and started promoting the consumption of wild game. 

Boy, did he piss off a lot of people with that move! And- that's exactly why I adore this guy. He refuses to cower to group pressure and stands firm in who he is, a truth-seeker who is unafraid to change his mind as his endless curiosity and passion for Invincible Health and "rewilding" the planet leads him down new avenues of thought. 

4. Jonathan Mead's passion is for showing people how to get paid to be who there are. Awesome, right? His website, Illuminated Mind, is a fantastic resource for people who are sick of the daily grind and want to start living & working on their own terms, and he offers three free guides to get you started on your own trailblazing journey.

I find him incredibly inspiring & LOVE his message so much that I enlisted as an affiliate for his Trailblazing program and will be featuring him here on the upcoming Biz Witch page of resources for entrepreneurs. 

(BONUS POINTS: His wife, Ev'Yan Nasman is the kickass creatrix of Sex Love Liberation!)

5. Jon Patrick, the manly man behind The Selvedge Yard, a historical record of "artistry, anarchy, alchemy & authenticity", is a guy with a passion for people, places & things of "enduring heritage, quality & character". His blog features gutsy, original folks like Steve McQueen, Johnny Cash, Jack Nicholson and Bruce Lee, as well as a groovy selection of retro eye candy, muscle cars, tough biker chicks, rock and roll, dirt bikes, tattoos and all manner of Gonzo living.

6. Dr. Joseph Mercola is a radical dude, a free-thinking rebel, leading the way for the public when it comes to alternative medicine. I especially love his eye-opening blog & videos, which feature interviews with like-minded contemporaries and his own fascinating presentations on everything from the dangers of aspartame to the health benefits of Vitamin D.

7. Ari Seth Cohen of Advanced Style holds a special place in my heart for being a man who not only admires but seeks out and documents the style of older women (as well as the occasional gent). He does so in a loving, respectful way, casting these aging beauties in the dignified light that they deserve, and proving to his 8,000 plus subscribers that, when it comes to fashion & vitality of spirit, age really is just a number. 

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