The Witch List : 13 KickAss Fitness Finds On Etsy

As I mentioned in the very first Witch List, I believe that, in today's over-corporatized world, it's more important than ever to support small biz and that Etsy is the go-to online hub for that.

Etsy is extremely user-friendly and so are most of it's shop owners. I love the vast selection and, above all, the handmade care that goes into so many of the items featured there.

Since I've so boldly dubbed April the month of "The Bikini Body Count Down", I thought it'd be fun to feature 13 kickass accessories for spicing up your fitness life this week... ENJOY :O)


1. This adorable Yoga Mat Bag by Shanti Designs has a zipper pocket for loose items like your keys & phone and comes in a variety of groovy pattern combos like this pretty floral number, "Flowers on Charcoal":

2. Keep this felt applique pillow by Alexandra Ferguson right where you are most likely to park your butt the next time your inner couch potato starts to take over:

3. Bamboo is such a friendly fabric. It breathes. It moves. It's healthy for your bod & the planet. That's why I'm crazy about these Sky-patterned bamboo leggings by Dream Nation. I'd pair them with a plain white tee & a pedicure for some eco-chic yoga action:

 4. Check out this sherbet-striped hula hoop by Streamer Hoops! Hoopin' is one of the most playful, flirty ways to keep in shape & propping this neon number against your TV is a FUN reminder to keep active while getting a guilt-free fix of the boob tube:

5. I haven't worn a leotard since 1991, but this Burger And Friends "Cloud City" number really makes me want to:

6. Soul Graffiti makes the cutest art cards for keeping yourself or someone you love inspired to keep keeping on... I had a hard time picking just one to share with you here, but, since I'm a big fan of Elizabeth Gilberts' "Eat Pray Love", I had to go with this take on that now iconic book title:

7. This Spider Crisscross sports bra by Jmorco is made of durable, high-performance materials for the next time you need to seriously kick some butt:

8. Hey Batter Batter!!! I don't play baseball, but, if I did, I would totally rock this burnout baseball tee by Firedaughter Clothing. Sooo sexy with cut off jean shorts:

 9. Elly Blue's Taking The Lane zine, featuring the wonderful world of women on bikes, is so unique, so thoughtful, and just so freaking cute that you'll probably want to scoop up the entire series:

10. Siluetmode's pink & white striped ballet top is deceptively sweet. It's also functional! The perfect style for looking cool while sweating through yet another Bikram Yoga sesh:

11. These Arrowhead Skinny Sweats by Adrienne Butikofer are so damn hip that you could wear em to the club or The Club, if you know what I mean: 


12. Strong Is The New Skinny! And 321 Go Stuff's silver charm & pewter barbell necklace is the perfect way to keep this healthy message on the forefront of your mind:

13. IMSY Swimwear's reversible bikinis are super sporty & oh so fresh. They come in a variety of color combos & patterns for showing off the result of all your hard work at the gym: