10 Make-It-Special Details To Light Up Your Life : It's The Little Things That Make A Big Difference

I recently got back from my annual BIG SUR Anniversary Trip with the hubs (10 years!) and am still enjoying a lingering sense of magick.

Visiting a charming, nature-rich place like Big Sur is a reminder to stay present to the beauty inherent in each moment &, for me, it's also a reminder to "make it special".

I'm always amazed by how it's the little things that make a vacation so divine, pocketing a pebble from the river bank, the way the sun glows through the trees, or how a sprig of mint on my plate makes a meal seem more fancy.

So, when I get back home, I always try to keep that love-affair-with-the-little-things going by doing things like sitting quietly with a stick of Patchouli burning on the altar, sipping rose tea from a favorite mug or by eating my yogurt in a pretty cappuccino bowl with a sprinkling of raspberries.

I've heard it said that "God is in the details", and, fresh from the forest, I'm inclined to agree!

Here's a list of 10 Of My Favorite Make-It-Special Details that you're more than welcome to borrow & work into your daily routine. They really do help keep the doldrums at bay:

1. Buy yourself one glorious tea cup, something beautiful that really speaks to your idea of luxury. Keep it in a special place for YOUR USE ONLY & have your coffee or tea from it every morning, starting each day like the queen you are.

If you prefer a green smoothie to jump start the action (GOOD for you & your sexy bod), the same idea applies... try a crystal or cracked glass goblet, maybe a beer stein? Whatever floats your veggie-luvin' boat!

2. Take your nuts & bolts, get-clean-and-get-out shower by candle-light. It really changes the mood, shifting your focus into the present moment and making way for a more sacred experience.

3. Stuck on the phone with a credit card company or a long-put off convo with an ear-chewing relative? Kick off your shoes & take it outside! Walk around barefoot, feel the grass between your toes & the sun on your face. Maybe engage in a lil' impromptu gardening if things really get rough.

4. Got a crummy-long commute to work each day? Shift your perspective. From now on, your car is not only a gas-guzzling mode of transportation, it's a sanctuary on wheels!

Outfit the glove box with a bottle of aromatherapy for relaxation (lavender's good here, but try to avoid oils, as they will turn rancid on a hot day), a rich hand cream for a spur-of-the-moment massage in moments of gridlock, a pair of comfy ballet flats or driving shoes, a cell phone headset for catching up with your best friend hands-free, and, of course, your most cherished tunes.

Beyond music- it's also great to have a book you've been meaning to read or your favorite motivational speaker or comedian on CD.

My VW Bug has a bud vase attached to the dashboard (awww) &, when it's not adorned with fresh flowers, I like to fill it with pretty feathers & crystals for an instant mood boost. 

5. Keep a romantic basket with handles in the trunk of your car for quickie trips to the grocery store. Cradling your produce in the crook of your arm alters your center of balance and makes even the most ordinary apples look like something plucked from a fairy tale.

6. Garnish your food. Take a little extra time to add some lemon zest, a flourish of scallion or a dollop of fresh cream to your dinner dish. A sprig of mint (as mentioned above) or a bit of parsley on your plate is a simple way to make a meal feel more fancy & (bonus points) to freshen your breath.

Adding bits of citrus, cucumber or mint to your water bottle or the pitcher in your fridge has a similar effect. Or.. okay- I'm getting crazy here now... try freezing some berries or edible flowers into your ice cubes!

7. How do you feel about working out? If it's something that you tend to avoid or have to make yourself do, I suggest injecting a little magick into the situation. Many athletes do this by wearing a lucky jersey or saying a special chant or prayer before setting out.

I do it by keeping a special pair of sneakers neat & clean in their original box and only taking them out to run. I call them my "Magick Shoes", and you can watch the video I made about them HERE.

8. Keep a pair of dark glasses and red lipstick in your handbag at all times. You never know when the need for a little glamour may strike. This classic combo also makes a fantastic beauty remedy the morning after a late night on the town, and really- sometimes it's just more fun to travel incognito!

9. Paint the inside of your closet or medicine cabinet the most vivid shade of your favorite color or go crazy with a wildly printed wallpaper in a place that's meant for your eyes only. Many of my cupboard doors are lined with inspirational collages (I am, no doubt, a collage-aholic) and it always feels like a happy little wink to myself when I swing em open, looking for an oh-so-mundane can-opener.

If you're lucky enough to have a walk-in closet, I say- hook yourself up with a mini disco ball. If life is not exactly like a party, at least your closet can be.

10. Keep a special drawer for your special drawers! Fill it with comfortable, stain-free &, most importantly, PRETTY underthings, a box of your favorite chocolates, a guilty-pleasure paperback, and maybe even a love letter to your girl parts! That way, you'll have a sassy lil stash of feel-good goodies to take the edge off when "that time of month" rolls around.

In what ways do you make YOUR day to day life special? 

*My friend Dawn aka MsBlissCoach posted this comment on my Big Sur Anniversary Trip highlights video, "It is the little things that make life a BIG DEAL", & I thought that was such a wonderful bit of synchronicity, as I was just in the midst of writing this post...