EVERY WITCH WAY : An Interview With Mimi Kirk

I am genuinely thrilled to present you with this Mimi Kirk interview. Mimi is a raw chef, a published author, winner of Peta's "Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50" contest, and one of my personal role models, beautifully representing the active, vibrant woman I hope to be in my 70s & beyond.

That's why I got a little carried away in the beginning of our chat. So, please excuse my bug-eyed, gushing enthusiasm :OP

Fortunately, it does burn off as the interview progresses, and Mimi has tons of wonderful, insightful things to say about raw food, relationships, natural beauty, aging & the spirit of a woman. ENJOY!

VISIT Mimi's website, YoungOnRawFood, and pick up a copy of her gorgeous un-cook book, Live Raw

WATCH Mimi preparing her raw food recipes on YouTube.

And- you can check out her Cowgirls Ride The Trail Of Truth board game HERE.

"To me, spirit determines one's character. It is expression, liveliness, and energy... I believe our spirit is our real authentic self." - Mimi Kirk (Live Raw)