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Monday, June 11, 2012

Punk Rawk Kitchen Witchery : 3 Sexy Reasons To Crack Open A Coconut

Coconut water is the buttery, YUM YUM YUMMY juice found in young coconuts before they mature into the hairy, brown coconuts you so often see in ads for tropical vacations.

Besides tasting utterly delicious, it also offers some nifty health benefits. So, bottoms up, my witchy friends, and CHEERS TO SEXY GOOD HEALTH!

1. A serving of coconut water has approximately the same amount of potassium as a banana, making it a great replacement for sugary sports drinks. Potassium is a very important mineral. It is essential for proper functioning of your heart, kidneys, digestive organs, muscles & nerves, and it's an electrolyte, which means that it conducts electricity. Since we humans are electrical beings, that's a good thing.

2. Coconut water makes a delicious base for smoothies, adding a subtle sweetness & emollient quality. Here's a Beauty Smoothie I like to make using coconut water & just a few live, organic ingredients...

3.  Coconut water is low in sugar & calories, so, if you're trying to lose weight or just maintain, it's a much better option than high-glycemic juice or straight up EVIL soda. That's right... soda is evil. So STOP drinking it immediately :OP

BONUS POINTS : We've got ourselves a manly guest on KickAss Witch today! It's my guitar-weilding, gear-junkie hubs, Billy Gruber, here to show us all How To Open A Young Coconut Without Losing A Finger...