Punk Rawk Kitchen Witchery : Apricot Avocado Surprise

It happened again... another happy accident in the kitchen! This one is worth repeating & I can't wait to try this new recipe out on my lil' fam.

It happened when I got back from a jog this morning & realized that, yet again, we were running out of food...

This happens from time to time, because I like to eat lots of fresh, organic produce & I hate to see it go bad before we can get to it. So- I tend to hit the grocery store & farmer's markets a couple of times a week.

Anyway, I scrounged around in the fridge & came up with one avocado, some apricots & a sprig of dried mint. Doesn't seem like much to work with, does it???

Oh but it was... it turned out to be just enough for a light & tasty meal.

One of the best things about raw food is how FAST the food prep can be. This took all of three minutes to prepare...


1 medium avocado
3 apricots
1 teaspoon raw honey
a garnish of mint 

Creating this sweet lil' salad is as easy as dicing some avocado & apricot into bite-sized chunks, smoothing a little honey on top & then topping that off with a sprinkle of mint. And- I promise it will make your face do this :O)