THE WITCH LIST : 15 KickAss Twitter Faves For Inspiration


1. @tinybuddha "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." ~Oscar Wilde

2. @TheDailyLove One of the greatest acts of loving yourself is choosing to be with someone who sees your greatness, instead of trying to prove it to them.

3. @ZenEssentials "Zen is a way of liberation, concerned not with discovering what is good or bad or advantageous, but what is." ~AlanWatts

4. @YourPocketGuru When hitting a pot hole in life, sometimes that sudden jolt is just what we need to wake up & take a different road.

5. @DanielleLaPorte If you make a habit of keeping your instincts at bay, they tend to stay at bay.

6. @SpiritualNurse “Every piece of the universe, even the tiniest little snow crystal, matters somehow. I have a place in the pattern, and so do you” - Barron

7. @mercola Heart-healthy foods? Try olive oil, coconut & coconut oil, organic raw dairy products & eggs, avocados, raw nuts & organic grass-fed meats.

8. @AcneSkinSite Your skin is the fingerprint of what is going on inside your body.

9. @copyblogger “Follow your heart, but check it with your head.” - Steve Jobs

10. @mashable Why Startups Need to Hustle (video)

11. @InFlowMarketing Every client you keep is one less that you need to find.

12. @stereogum Check out photos from Jack White's show at the Wiltern last night (pics)

13. @buzzbandsla Newbie to know. > Ears Wide Open: Son of Stan (listen)

14. @thecreativepenn Story Engineering With @storyfix (interview)

15. @ninagarcia “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it” – Salvador Dali

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