KICKASS WITCH : Putting The "K" In Magick
Do you ever feel like there's a gigantic gap between the way you're living now and the life of your dreams? Do you sometimes wish you could wave a magick wand and all of your problems would just disappear so that you could finally step into the kickass life you know you were meant to lead? I can't promise you that transformation is as easy as waving a magick wand, but I do have quite a few tricks up my sleeve and am more than happy to share them with you here. So, chin up, Gorgeous, stick around and, most importantly... BELIEVE!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy Lammas & Breaking Bread

I made bread! Soft, Fluffy, Delicious Bread!

Why- you may wonder- is this so exciting?

It's because I have been on a gluten-free, milk-free, high raw diet for years & soft, fluffy, delicious bread is hard to come by.

Still- that's no reason to get left out of the bread-making fun that marks Lammas Eve (the first harvest festival of the year & a grain celebration to boot). So- I made my bread with primarily coconut flour, eggs & coconut oil.

Did I mention it's soft? And fluffy? And sooo delicious? It is! It's also high in protein & blessedly grain free. Whoop! Whoop!

Never one to miss a kitchen witchery opportunity, I filmed the whole process for my SAD To SEXY peeps. So there- you see? It's not a 100% raw vegan program & you ARE allowed to live a little!

HAPPY LAMMAS, my kickass friends.