Happy Lammas & Breaking Bread

I made bread! Soft, Fluffy, Delicious Bread!

Why- you may wonder- is this so exciting?

It's because I have been on a gluten-free, milk-free, high raw diet for years & soft, fluffy, delicious bread is hard to come by.

Still- that's no reason to get left out of the bread-making fun that marks Lammas Eve (the first harvest festival of the year & a grain celebration to boot). So- I made my bread with primarily coconut flour, eggs & coconut oil.

Did I mention it's soft? And fluffy? And sooo delicious? It is! It's also high in protein & blessedly grain free. Whoop! Whoop!

Never one to miss a kitchen witchery opportunity, I filmed the whole process for my SAD To SEXY peeps. So there- you see? It's not a 100% raw vegan program & you ARE allowed to live a little!

HAPPY LAMMAS, my kickass friends.