Women's Mysteries : Moon Magick & The Cycles Of YOU

Mystics, pagans, indigenous tribes & the metaphysically minded have been working with the phases of the moon for thousands of years, aligning with her cycles to manifest or release certain aspects of their lives.

Entire cults have revolved around this mysterious rock in the sky, and many claim that it's various phases have a distinct effect on human behavior.

This may be true, but what I'm talking about here is how your body's own unique cycles aka it's "moon cycles" have a pronounced effect on your energy levels & moods.

You can harness these cycles to your advantage by writing them down...

"Soon as the evening shades prevail, The moon takes up the wondrous tale, And nightly to the listening earth,  Repeats the story of her birth..." -Joseph Addison

The following is an example of what a typical menstrual cycle might be like for a woman of the child-bearing years. I say "might", because we are all so unique & your cycle may look quite different than this. That is why it's important to track YOUR own cycle:

New Moon : Your period is light and painless now. You are at the beginning of a new energy cycle. This is a nice time to set new intentions and to go over the upcoming month's plan of action.

Waxing Moon : Your energy is building. This is a great time to schedule activities that require physical or mental excursion. You're likely feeling upbeat & engaged with life.

Full Moon (ovulation) : You are at your most fertile & frisky. Your body is sending cues to potential partners & rivals that you are ripe & ready for action. This is when your energy is at it's highest, a time for stepping fully into your power as a woman & bringing into manifestation those intentions you set at the "new moon".

Waning Moon : Your energy is beginning to fade. Progressively move away from boisterous activity & into more mellow plans. Keep an eye out for symptoms of PMS. This is not a good time pick a fight.

Dark Moon (first days of your period) : Your hormones are at their lowest. This is the time for rest & reflection. Take it easy. Take a nap. Have yourself a good cry if you have to. This is not a good time to wear tight pants, plan a sexy getaway or run a marathon.

What about you?

Do you work with the phases of the moon to attract or repel certain things from your life?

Are you in touch with the unique cycles of your body?

Maybe you're one of those people who claim to have personal cycles that are in sync with those of the moon?

Feel free to share your moon cycle stories & tips in the comments section below!