POP WITCH : Making Magick In A Secular World

POP WITCH is a new feature that I'm thinking of adding to the KickAss Witch mix, and there's really no deep reason for that beyond the fact that I LOVE pop culture & enjoy chatting about it.

As much as I am a tree-hugging, nature-luvin' hippie, my version of a magickal life is damn near impossible without the inclusion of some kickass rock & roll, movies, books, fashion, art, etc.

Creativity is, to my mind, the ultimate form of self-expression & an obvious facet of magick, and, bonus points, according to Sophia Loren, it may be the secret to eternal youth!  

"There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age." -Sophia Loren

So, here is some of what I'm digging on today. ENJOY!


★ You don't have to be a kid to get a boost from Henry Rollins' empowering Back To School Punk speech. I think it's right on... "You got what you got, so you've gotta make the most of it."


★ Check out this behind the scenes peek at the making of issue #2 of Rock N Roll Bride magazine. It's so well done & beyond fun, even if you don't have pink hair or punk rock nuptials blooming on the horizon...

★ NY Fashion Week is in full swing & my favorite Spring 2013 collections so far include those from Wes Gordon for being girlie & artsy while remaining completely wearable, Monique Lhuillier for the exquisite red carpet gowns, Cushnie et Ochs for it's sleek & sexy simplicity, and ThreeASFOUR, mainly because I'm obsessed with this maroon & silver dress...

★ I also really enjoyed Diane Von Furstenberg's collection. She makes clothes that not only flatter but joyfully celebrate a woman's body, and I love the strong girl-power message that makes it's way into everything she does.

★ Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom is one of the best movies I've seen all year. It's so sweet, wonderfully quirky & guaranteed to delight. Take your honey & call it a date!

★ I always look forward to the September Issue of Vogue. It's so obnoxiously THICK & packed with inspiring images. This year's issue was no exception & I really dig the spare cover art, featuring Lady Gaga in one of her less costumey get ups...

★  Watch "The Other F Word", a documentary on TMC about "what happens when society's ultimate anti-authoritarians, Punk Rockers, become society's ultimate authorities, Dads." It is surprisingly moving & gives a much more realistic take on what it's like to be in a touring rock band than most of the glamourized B.S. you'll see in magazines & on Mtv.

★ Yanni Floros' "Girls With Headphones" illustrations are super groovy. It's amazing to me that this artist was able to capture so much personality by merely showing the back of a girl's head, in black & white no less. Bravo!

★ Stream Band Of Horses new album, "Mirage Rock"...

★ Read Danielle Laporte's "The Fire Starter Sessions", and get your kickass groove on! There's a reason why the blogosphere is all atwitter 'bout this book...

★ And- to end this post on a trippy note... David Byrne & St. Vincent together??? Hell yeah! Let us all take a moment to marinate our brains in this delicious weirdness. Weird is good. Amen -xo