Putting The "K" In Magick : What Does It Mean And Why Would You Want To?

Some people add a "K" to the end of the word "magic" to differentiate real magick from the illusions of stage magicians. I am one of those people.

What is real magick? It is magick that actually works. You might also call it natural magick.

It's about working with the energies of nature to effect change.

Nature, by this definition, extends beyond earth, air, fire & water to include YOU, your thoughts, feelings, actions, body & soul.

Nature and, thus, magick is everywhere. It's inside of you & you are inside of it.

I also like to assign extra oomph to that "K" by giving it my own lil' twist. So, in addition to standing for natural magick, my "K" also stands for "KickAss", as in get up off your meditation cushion, get out into this game called "life" & go kick some ass...

KickAss Magick is the practical, every day application of the Law Of Attraction. It combines psycho-spiritual philosophy with an active approach to creating the life of your dreams.

KickAss Magick is not about wishful thinking. There are no time-consuming, prop-intensive spells or rituals to coordinate (unless, of course, you like that kind of thing), and it has no religious connotation.

KickAss Magick is about setting an intention, maintaining a feeling-state that is in alignment with what it is you intend to manifest, and then taking whatever actions are needed to bring it to fruition.

Action, which is sometimes overlooked in spiritual circles, is it's own form of magick...

In planting some seeds & carefully tending to them over time, you may very well end up with a meal on your plate. In getting your butt to the gym, day after day, week after week, muscle may soon replace flab. In cleverly investing a percentage of even a modest income, you could retire a millionaire.

I suppose my definition of magick is quite loose, and I use it interchangeably to describe the miracles of life (birth, weather, love, gravity, food, death), an elevated mood, synchronistic experience and, most often, conscious transformation, especially in the face of adversity.

When I was younger, I lived very much in my head, analyzing everything and reaching for lofty, esoteric ideas. My body was an after thought. You might say that I was addicted to the rush that comes from contacting one's spirit guides, inducing a lucid dream or uncovering a past life explanation for my problems.   

Today I'm more interested in being present for the here and now, firmly rooted on the planet and living deeply in this body I've been given. I'm more intrigued with this dimension than the upper realms of ascended masters and grand poobahs.

I no longer wish to transcend reality. I wish to engage it. 

This life is a gift and a privilege, a spiritual playground with lessons and moments of insight built right in. It is not something to rise above. You can be here now. It is safe. It is good. It is magickal.

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