The Law Of Attraction : What Are The Spiritual Implications Of Tragedy, Poverty & Abuse?

If like attracts like and we supposedly create or at least co-create our own reality, are we suppose to believe that people want to be abused, neglected, born into poverty or violently attacked? That they're somehow a "vibrational match" to being victimized? What about babies and children? Isn't that just victim-blaming?

These are common questions that people ask when contemplating the so-called "Law Of Attraction", and they are good questions to ask.

Some people claim to have the answers. I am not one of those people, but I am happy to share my thoughts on the subject with you here...

How do YOU feel about the Law Of Attraction as it applies to these deeper questions? 

Have you found satisfying answers for yourself?

If not, are you able to apply the like attracts like principle to your life anyway?