THE WITCH LIST : 10 KickAss Bloggers To Brighten Your Day

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Award by Annika of Oath Bound Secrets! Annika is one of my favorite people on the planet & her YouTube channel is pure awesomeness, so it's an honor to be honored by such a cool lady. Thank you, Annika!

If you want to pass this award on to someone who you consider "sunny",  here are the rules:

  • Blog about your nomination & link back to the blogger who nominated you. 
  • Answer the following 10 questions. 
  • Nominate and link to 10 bloggers for the award.
  • Leave comments on your nominee's blogs let them know about their award.
p.s. I have searched the internet, looking for the original source of this "award" and to see if winners are ever announced. Apparently, it's an honor just to be nominated & the award is in the giving & receiving of a lil' virtual LOVE. So, in that spirit...

The Questionnaire:
  1. Who is your favorite philosopher? Carl Jung. Does that count?
  2. What is your favorite number? 7... No, 3... No, 7... I don't know.
  3. What is your favorite animal? Monkeys + cats. Monkey cats!
  4. What are your Facebook and Twitter URL's? &
  5. What is your favorite time of day? Early morning when I'm all alone.
  6. What was your favorite vacation? Big Sur... every trip to Big Sur.
  7. What is your favorite physical activity? Dancing.   
  8. Favorite Non Alcoholic Drink? Tea, a really plain green tea. Oh- and coconut juice!
  9. What is your favorite Flower? Italian Poppies. I also LOVE Tuberose.
  10. What is your passion? Learning + Being Creative. I like to take it in then dish it back out.

*And- here are 10 of the bloggers that consistently brighten my day....

1. Chela Davidson : I have two words for this blog... Wise Woman.

2. Pull Your Sox Up : No one has more fun with fashion than this wonderfully playful lady.

3. Golubka : It's actually shameful that I'm mentioning this recipe blog AGAIN, but it's THE BEST!

4. Hilary Rubin : How's this for a kickass mission? Helping women get real about power, purpose & unshakeable self-worth. (Sing it, sister!)

5. Vintage Vixen : I want to go to Woodstock circa 1969 with the groovy, eternally youthful Vix.

6. Thrive : A rock-what-ya-got approach to crafting & budget living.

7. The Headologist : Self-rediscoverer, attitude adjuster, compassionate critical thinker, spiritual nomad, perpetual wanderer, and compulsive scribbler. This is how Ellie Di describes herself. I'd also like to add the word "awesome" to that list.

8. The Witch Of Forest Grove : This witch is no joke! Fascinating. Beautiful. 

9. The Rawtarian : Delightfully simple & delicious recipes from an adorable woman.

10. Born To Be Wild : Seriously inspiring hippie witch eye candy.