THE WiTCH LiST : 10 Kickass Etsy Finds To Help Celebrate Imbolc

"No Winter lasts forever, no Spring skips it's turn." -Hal Borland

Imbolc, which goes by a myriad of names (Groundhog Day, Candlemas, St. Brigid's Day) is an ancient holiday that marks the time between Winter and Spring. I like to call it "Spring Transition", and, considering the fact that I live in sunny Southern California, that's exactly how it feels.

Imbolc, which is celebrated from sundown February 1st to sundown February 2nd, is the perfect time for a little spring cleaning or, weather permitting, to plant a few seeds. If you're still experiencing snow, you can always start your seeds indoors, and metaphorical seed-planting can be done any time anywhere, despite the frostiest air!

Many people like to engage in diy crafts at this time (Brigid's Cross) and common seasonal rituals include lighting candles to symbolize the growing light of the sun & melting ice cycles or snow to signify the internal thaw that is beginning to take place after a long, cold winter of contemplation or even stagnation.  

I enjoy all of these things now, even the cleaning, which is unusual for me, but I also like to take this time to make home-made Valentines with my son to hand out later in the month.

If Do-It-Yourself is not your style or you just don't have time to get crafty this year, buying handmade goods on Etsy is the next best thing. Here are my picks for the cutest Imbolc-friendly Etsy finds...

1. St. Brigit's Cross Suncatcher by Phillip Crow :

2. Festival Of Light Altar Kit by White Magick Alchemy :

3. Organic Calendula Seeds from The Garden Studio :

4. Imbolc Candle by Brigid's Flame Candles :

5. Organic Kitchen & Bath Cleaner by Organic Brew :

6. Organic Sprouting Kit by Moonlight Micro Farm :

7. Brigit's Fire Spell Mix by Sandi Enchanted Garden :

8. Light Of Imbolc Mandala by Tree Seer :

9. Imbolc Oil by Verbena Apothecary :

10. Valentine Garland by Bekah Jennings :