EVERY WITCH WAY : An Interview With Vicky "Vix" Brearley Of Vintage Vixen

I can't imagine what I could present here that would be more fun than this... an interview with one of the most stylish free-spirits on the planet, Vicky Brearley aka "Vix".

"I don't follow fashion and if I look ridiculous so what? Not being noticed and blending in with the crowd is my idea of hell. A day without dressing up is a day wasted." -Vix

Visually, Vix is a dizzily delicious display of psychedelic eye candy, but it's her warm, boundless personality that had me bursting with energy hours after our chat. You'll see... she is such a breath of fresh air!

My hope is that, in listening to Vix discuss the wonderfully whacky, rock & roll lifestyle she's created with Jon, her equally funky-cool partner of 20 years, you will be inspired to go further in crafting the kickass life of your dreams...

Hop on over to Vintage Vixen for a magickal ride through Vix's hippie trippy, patchwork-punctuated, glamorously groovy world.