EVERY WITCH WAY : An Interview With Jacquie Dubois, The Official Witch Of Orange County

Does YOUR county have an "official witch"?

Well- the lucky residents of Orange County do!

Jacquie Dubois is, among many things, a tarot reader, an herbalist, an artist, a kabbalist, an herban homesteader & the self-proclaimed Official Witch Of Orange County.

She's also become quite the YouTube celebrity, delighting her ever-growing fan base with topics that range from how to make your own kombucha to looking for the deeper meaning in every turn of The Wheel.

She shares the ups & downs of her life so openly, always looking for the seed of wisdom within each moment, and has endeared herself to so many of us with her easy laugh & wonderfully eccentric charm. 

My views on magick may sometimes differ from hers, but I am always intrigued by her opinion & I'm sure you will be too...

Jacquie really has so much going on that the only way to even start to get a grasp on it all is to visit her website, The Moon Mother... ENJOY!