EVERY WITCH WAY : An Interview Featuring Pixie Campbell Of Soulodge

GiRL CRUSH ALERT : Pixie Campbell is so cool!

You've just got to respect a woman who has made it her business to bring women together in a loving, respectful way, which Pixie has absolutely done, both on & off line.

Her specialty is guiding shamanic journeys that allow for healing on a soul level, but she's also a fantastic artist & writer, sharing her unique perspective with a depth of authenticity that lends itself so well to the kind of leadership that inspires greatness.

Have you been inspired by Pixie? If not, I am so pleased to say that you're about to be...

Visit Pixie at PixieCampbell.com to see what new thoughts & projects she's got brewing, or, better yet, join her & the gracious women of Soulodge for a magickal experience with totem animals and a journey through the medicine wheel.

Here is that mesmerizing video Pixie made, inviting us all to join her this summer for a creative "Visual Quest"...

And- if you're interested in getting a set of Pixie's Animal Totem Cards, you can buy those HERE.