The Irony Of Magick : How The Law Of Attraction Works Fom The Inside Out

We're all natural creators. We create every second of every day, new breath, new cells, new ideas...

Sometimes we create a really fantastic meal, a kickass term paper, a special new friendship or the perfect hair day, but we don't often think of the creation of these things as magickal.

They are just products of going about our lives and putting out the effort, but what about when we put out the effort, especially in the case of something that we strongly desire, and nothing happens?

What about when, despite being the most qualified & professional, you continually get overlooked for that promotion?

What about when, no matter how attractive people say that you are, love seems to elude you?

That's where magick comes in.

That's when it's time to start consciously co-creating change in conformity with will...

I'm not going to get too deeply into how magick works right now (that's what I've dedicated every Tuesday morning at 9am to... HiPPiE WiTCH Radio), but I will give you a little hint.

When it comes to magick, believing is seeing...

Also- I'm kind of annoyed at myself for overlooking the work of Laurie Cabot, a kind, intelligent woman, because I wasn't feeling her outward appearance. I like to think of myself as a very open-hearted, inclusive person, but apparently I too have my blind spots!

I am so grateful that I finally felt the internal nudge in Laurie's direction & got myself a copy of The Witch In Every Woman, which is now my all time favorite witchy book.

And- talk about irony... it's all kinds of ironic that I tried to write her off as a sugary tourist attraction when, in fact, her book is a deeply satisfying & wholly nutritious meal.

There's also a very good reason she presents herself in black robes with such dramatic makeup & hair...

"When a woman adorns herself she should understand that she is revering the Witch within by enhancing the Goddess and taking pride in her own female prowess." -Laurie Cabot 

The Witch In Every Woman presents the Witch as an empowering archetype that all women can tap into for strength, wisdom, healing, and guidance. It's a book that I am sure I will turn to again & again & again...

"All women possess a magical side of their nature that is embodied in the archetype of the Witch. Despite what many would have you believe, Her gifts are life-sustaining, empowering & restorative. The Witch personifies a woman's ability to intuit, create, enchant, protect, initiate, nurture, teach and heal. She is a figure capable of extraordinary judgment, compassion, endurance & strength." -Laurie Cabot