THE WiTCH LiST : 13 Magickal Etsy Finds For Grooving On Mother Earth

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! Although, the day is almost over at this point...

I've had my Mother's Day fun & received some very interesting gifts, a new tea kettle, some potted daisies, bear mace (yes, bear mace... don't ask), and one disturbing, possibly well-meaning gift from my murderous cat, Steve, a dead, pregnant lizard, her neon egg babies strewn about her lifeless body beneath my dining room table. Yikes!

I also called, texted & Facebooked my most heart-felt LOVE & respect to all of the moms in my life, but now...

As the sun is setting on this special day, another mother is on my mind & that is the ultimate mother, the Big Mama to us all, Mother Earth.

Beyond serving as our home & primary source of sustenance, Mum Gaia is also, in her own right, a living, breathing, sensitive being worthy of our care & loving devotion.

So- in honor of this beautiful planet & her gracious, indomitable Spirit, I give you my picks for 13 Magickal Etsy Finds For Grooving On Mother Earth...

1. The Earth Is Singing print by Karen Davis :

2. Earth Tone rock wreath by Beachery Designs :

3. Earth silk tunic by LFsee :

4. Lidded Compost Crock With Macrame Handle by KB Originals :

5. Grounding Essential Oil Blend by Moss & Magic :

6. White Sage (Salvia Apiana) seeds by Mizz Tizzy's Weeds & Seeds :

7. Guerrilla Gardening Seed Bombs & Wooden Sling Shot by ADD Designs :

8. Mum Gaia Wand by Unseeli Enchantments :

9. Yoni Labyrinth by Priestess Design :

10. The Guardian Of Earth's Creatures by The Wood Muse :

11. Gaia's Garden Board Game for kids by Living Earth Games :

12. Rainbow Spirit Purple Agate & Clay Pendant by Tina Raewyn :

13. Theraputic Sulfer & Clay mask by Sirena Aromatherapies :

"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair." -Khalil Gibran