THE WiTCH LiST : 10 Magickal Etsy Finds For Celebrating The Last Month Of Summer...

When I was a kid I often wondered why, during the summer months, we had such a long stretch between holidays. The 4th of July was always fun, but then it was a four month wait to Halloween!

In recent years, I've learned that this wasn't always the case...

Many of our ancestors celebrated the year's first harvest festival toward the end of summer, and today, in earth-based traditions, August 1st is still reserved for celebrating the first harvest and the last month of sun-sun-sun before slowly acclimating to the cooler days of Autumn.

Some people celebrate this time as Lammas (an Anglo-Saxon tradition that means "loaf mass" & celebrates the harvest of grain) or Lughnasadh (a Gaelic celebration in honor of Lugh,  the mythological god of sun & agriculture).

I like to call it "Autumn Transition" and recognize it as a time of honoring the waning summer and looking forward to the relief of fall.

I see it as a time for making the most of these last days of fun in the sun with trips to the beach, eating tomatoes fresh off the vine, and walking barefoot in the dry grass while keeping in mind any preparations that may need to be made for fall.

On a psycho-spiritual level, it's a nice time to check in with yourself and to see if what is coming into harvest in your own life now is in alignment with what your heart truly desires or if there are some adjustments to be made in order to bring into manifestation a more appropriate harvest come fall. 

However you choose to see it, it's always nice to take a moment to reconnect with nature and your own inner being every so often, and the Wheel Of The Year, with it's celebratory pauses every 6 weeks or so, provides a perfect framework for this.

So- in the spirit of honoring this time of sunshine, salt water & fresh fruit, I give you my picks for 10 Magickal Etsy Finds For Celebrating The Last Month Of Summer...

1. You Are My Sunshine hand-painted wood sign by Ott Creatives :

2. A Mother's Love corn husk doll by Vermont Dolls :

3. Forte Green gluten free bread mix by Baked Better NYC :

4. Harvest Bunting flag banner by Starlit Nest Gifts :

5. Lammas Wheat & Lavender Posy by Positively Pagan :

6. Cheerful Wheel-Thrown Berry Bowl & Saucer by North Wind Pottery :

7. First Harvest Blessing Spell Candle by Readings By Kat :

8. Bread Box by Primitive Treasure :

9. Green & Gold Summer Wheat Wreath by Seasonal Bounty :

10. Sunset On The Beach pillow cover by Machel Spence :

☼ The end of summer always makes me feel a lil' nostalgic & I can think of no better way to honor that bitter-sweet feeling than with this deliciously musical trip down memory lane...