KICKASS WITCH : Putting The "K" In Magick
Do you ever feel like there's a gigantic gap between the way you're living now and the life of your dreams? Do you sometimes wish you could wave a magick wand and all of your problems would just disappear so that you could finally step into the kickass life you know you were meant to lead? I can't promise you that transformation is as easy as waving a magick wand, but I do have quite a few tricks up my sleeve and am more than happy to share them with you here. So, chin up, Gorgeous, stick around and, most importantly... BELIEVE!

Friday, August 2, 2013

EVERY WITCH WAY : An Interview With Karen Cameron aka The Elemental Witch

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to grow up in a family of witches? What kind of magick may have ensued had your mother, grandmother & great-grandmother handed down to you their most precious witchy secrets?

Karen Cameron is a woman who does not have to wonder about such things, because that is precisely the way she grew up, first in Brazil & then in Australia.

She calls the eclectic spirituality she practices today Raw Magick and is inspired by the Umbanda Macumba flavor she grew up with, as well as nature, the five elements, and the transporting sound of Tibetan singing bowls.

As if that weren't interesting enough, she also practices Reiki, crystal healing & fire-dancing! And- she was good enough to share a bit about her magickal path with us here today. ENJOY...

To learn more about (or from!) this ever-fascinating woman, visit her blog, The Elemental Witch, check out her YouTube channel or swing by her Facebook page.