POP WiTCH : 10 Movie Rentals For A Kickass Summer Film Fest At Home



I saw my first falling leaf of the season yesterday. It got me feeling wistful about the end of Summer 2013 (which has been mysteriously cool)....

Summer is a slow time of year for many businesses & it can get expensive for parents trying to keep bored kids entertained or for anyone who likes to travel, so money can start to get tight toward the end of August.

Still- we've got a bit of time on our hands before Autumn arrives, bringing with it the hustle & bustle of Back To School and a more regular schedule, so it's nice to be able to squeeze in one last (& affordable) hoorah before getting back down to business.

Pool parties & barbeques are the obvious choices for this, but, seeing as summer is the season of festivals, I think it'd be fun & a little bit different to host your own film fest at home!

BONUS POiNTS if you have the means & inclination to set up an outdoor theater...

Movies are magickal. They can transport you to another place & time, evoke a whole range of emotions and even inspire change. Sometimes they're just good for a laugh, which is, in & of itself, a glorious piece of magick, especially when shared with a friend.

Here are my picks for 10 Movie Rentals For A Kickass Summer Film Fest At Home :

1. Stealing Beauty : Absolutely captivating. Makes me want to run away to Tuscany!

2. Valley Girl : Nicholas Cage was hot once upon a time. I swear... it's like totally radical.

3. Adventureland : Quirky & awkward, but funny. A lot like life!

4. Dirty Dancing : I had the time of my life...

5. Point Break : Love that a woman directed this action-packed flick. Anthony Kiedis makes a convincing badass & Keanu Reeves is just too beautiful for words.

6. The Love Letter : Cute & whimsical. Charmingly simple.

7. Dazed And Confused : High school nostalgia. Funny and right on!

8. Summer Rental : I LOVE John Candy, because he's AWESOME. This movie is wall to wall laughs. Never gets old...

9. Mystic Pizza : Pre-Pretty Woman Julia Roberts, Lili Taylor, Annabeth Gish & plenty of small-town romance.

10. European Vacation : Look, kids! Big Ben! Parliment! LOLs.



"You know what your problem is? It's that you haven't seen enough movies. All of life's riddles are answered in the movies." -Steve Martin (Grand Canyon)