EVERY WITCH WAY : An Interview With Reverend Mark Townsend

As you may or may not known, I have been on a quest to rekindle my friendship with Jesus, and a few books have been instrumental in helping me do that. Jesus Through Pagan Eyes is one of those books.

I remember discovering it for the first time and being astounded (& more than a little intrigued) that it was written by an ordained minister, formerly of the Church of England.

Reverend Mark Townsend is a minister with something extra, that extra something being a refreshingly open mind that allows him to lead "a generous, open and eclectic ministry for all."

He's also a man of magick & one hell of an author!

Mark has written seven books to date and his latest, Diary Of A Heretic, documents his resignation from The Church in heart-wrenching detail and is available for purchase now. Race you to the check out line!

Visit Mark online at Magic Of Soul and MarkTownsendMinistry.co.uk.