Accepting Your Limits And Breaking On Through To The Other Side

Fate is the hand you've been dealt. Destiny is the way you play that hand.

That's the best way I know of to explain the difference between Fate and Destiny. Robert Ohotto explains it all in great detail in his book, Transforming Fate Into Destiny, which lent me one of my most powerful Aha Moments this year...

Working within instead of fighting against your limitations (Fate) can yield powerful results. Of course, you can always grow beyond your perceived limits, but, if you consider that they may be put into place as a way of guiding you toward your soul's purpose, you may not even have to.

The beautiful thing is that the choice is yours. You can struggle or you can glide. And- as I always say- you CAN create the kickass life of your dreams!

Fate As A Container For Your Soul's Destiny

Moving Beyond Your Perceived Limitations