BiZ WiTCH : Be Yourself. Everyone Else Is Already Taken.

That's a quote from a true original, Oscar Wilde, and I think it applies to every area of life, but, in this instance, I would like to talk about how it applies to online business specifically.

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” -Oscar Wilde"

It can be really frustrating to pour your heart & soul into the creation of a brand that is a pure reflection of YOU only to see that someone else has co-opted your style & is passing it off as their own.

This happens a lot online, and, if you're looking to be a successful entrepreneur, it is probably going to happen to you.

That's one of the things that I address in this video. I also talk about ways to avoid committing this embarrassing biz faux pas for anyone who is feeling inspired by someone else's brand & considering following suit...

The book mentioned in this video is Brand Like A Rock Star by Steve Jones. I love it, because the author uses AC/DC as an example of excellent branding & that is a band... & a brand(!) that really turns me on. Back In Black! Such a kickass record \m/

"If you want to be original just try being yourself, because God has never made two people exactly alike." -Bernard Meltzer