HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! A Kickass Kickstart To 2014... SAD To SEXY & The Whole30 Challenge

If you'd like to give the Whole30 program a try, here are a few kickass resources & a general breakdown of what you can & cannot have during your 30 day challenge...

EAT iT : vegetables, meat, seafood, eggs, spices, herbs, fruit in moderation, avocado, nuts, seeds, ghee, olive oil, coconut oil, kombucha without added sugar & in moderation, sauerkraut, sugar free kosher pickles (Bubbies!!!), homemade nut milk, sugar free nut butter in moderation, coffee & tea

  SKiP iT : sugar or substitute sweeteners (fruit juice can be used instead), alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy (except for ghee or clarified butter), white potatoes, additives like MSG, carrageenan & sulfites, as well as Paleo breads & baked goodies 


GET iT :

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SAD To SEXY is making a comeback later this month. If you'd like to get a head start on that, check out the free 7 DAYS OF SAD TO SEXY video series...

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