EVERY WITCH WAY : Interview #4 With Lenora Henson, Author Of The Wicked Garden Series

Lenora Henson has the ability to persevere like a champ. The way that she has stayed connected to her vision, maintained a high quality level and quickly churned out book after book in her Wicked Garden series of novels has consistently impressed me.

She's doing it! She's making manifest a dream that she's held in her heart for a very long time, and she's got plenty of wisdom to share for those on a similar path.

Do you have a dream? A special project that you would like to bring into the world? Then this is the interview for you!

Visit The Lenora Aura to learn more about Lenora's work & don't forget to pick up a copy of Beltane, the most recent installment in The Wicked Garden series!

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