Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor! 3 Kickass Reasons To Do Kegels Every Day...

I believe that one of the best ways to nurture a strong sense of self love is to treat your body like the temple it is.

Your body is the temple for your soul. It houses your spirit & allows you to participate in this 3-D reality in an extraordinary multi-sensory way. So not only is it appropriate to treat it respectfully in return, it is critical, especially as you grow older, that you take care of it with loving daily maintenance.

You've got to feed it the best food, whole food straight from Mother Nature, bless it with loads of fresh, thirst-quenching water, and exercise it every day.

Your body likes to move! It NEEDS to move. And when it doesn't get to move on a regular basis, it grows weak and it's muscles start to atrophy. This is as true of the muscles in your arms & legs & abs as it is of the less often mentioned muscles "down below", and that is what I'm talking about here today...


1. Prevent incontinence. In other words... do NOT pee (or worse- poop) your pants, which can happen increasingly as people get older. First it starts off as a little leak when you sneeze, jump up & down or laugh, but before long it can turn into a whole adult diaper situation & that is definitely not sexy.

2. Prevent a prolapsed uterus, rectum or bladder. Also not sexy. Or comfortable. Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles with daily kegel exercises has the wonderful benefit of keeping your internal organs in their proper place. This is especially important for women who are pregnant, in menopause or have given birth.

3. Have better sex! Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles increases your chances of having more & stronger orgasms. Both men and women get the benefit of stronger orgasms, and men get the added bonus of having more control over ejaculation, reducing the rate of premature ejaculation. It's a Win-Win for everyone!


This exercise is so simple that it does not require a step by step outline. All you have to do is contract the muscles of your pelvic floor 30 - 100 times a day while you're driving in your car, reading in bed, doing the dishes or watching TV. That's it! Easy peasy.

And - if you are not sure how to locate much less contract these muscles, the next time you are going pee, stop the flow mid-stream. Those muscles you used to stop the flow? Those are your pelvic floor muscles & you will contract them the exact same way you did to stop your flow when you are performing a kegel.

Please do not make stopping your flow a habit, as it's important to your health that your bladder empties completely during urination. Otherwise...

HAVE FUN getting your sexy bits in tip top shape! -xo

*This post has been a special presentation brought to you in the spirit of FOUR On 40 On S-E-X...