Autism Awareness Awesome TAG (video)

As you may know, my son, Tanner, has autism. This sometimes makes people feel sorry for us or afraid, but what I'd like those people to know is that there are many gifts in a life like ours. 

Autism is not a death sentence. Sure- it has it's challenges, challenges so deep that they have the power to bring you to the edge of your limits and then show you what you're really made of, but...

It also has it's gifts, and that is what I would like to share here with you today.

Autism has given my son a different outlook in life. 

He seems to be more tuned in & appreciative of the simple but extraordinary things... weather, insects, music, spheres.

He is also completely free of the need to be cool. And really- who wants to be cool when you can be HAPPY?


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