EVERY WITCH WAY : An Interview With Holly Worton Of Socially Holistic

I first met Holly Worton earlier this year when she interviewed me for her Socially Holistic podcast.

I was so impressed with what she had going on that I knew I wanted to turn the tables and have her on my show, too, which is exactly what I did and what I am so pleased to present to you now.

Holly Worton is all about supporting her fellow women in biz, and she does so by teaching them powerful techniques for navigating the world of social media in order to build their own unique tribe.

She also offers a special brand of coaching that is designed to help people with heart-centered businesses shift their fears and move beyond their limiting beliefs in order to better create the kickass life of their dreams...

To learn more about Holly and her kickass biz, visit SociallyHolistic.com.