BOOK NERD : Kickass Quotes From The Magickal Life by Vivianne Crowley

Vivianne Crowley is a psychologist, a Wiccan Priestess and the kind of writer who makes magick seem both down to earth and accessible without diminishing the sense of wonder that makes it so appealing.

Her book, The Magickal Life, is a favorite of mine, because of its emphasis on both tapping into the mysteries of Nature and taking responsibility for your own experience.

I absolutely adore the Magic 101 chapter in which she talks about her personal experience as a fledgling teenage witch, and I think it's fantastic that she devoted a whole other chapter to "Magic and Depression" (a subject close to my heart).

She's written many other books, but I think this one is as good a place to begin as any, especially if you're not really interested in Wicca, per se, but intrigued by the prospect of living a magickal life...

"Creative arts, new inventions, and new ideas spring from those blessed with imagination, and magic stimulates imagination. It is no coincidence that many artists, writers, and dancers are interested in magic." -Vivianne Crowley  

"You can think of magic as a skill. It is a way of using energy. Energy is part of the fabric of matter. It existed before our cosmos came into being. It will exist when the cosmos dies and another is born. Some would call it the Tao; others the life force or sacred power. Human beings have always sensed it- just behind the veil of every day reality." -Vivianne Crowley  

"Natural magic makes sacred that which is natural. It sanctifies time by honoring the changing seasonal tides that reflect changes in Nature but that also parallel the changing tides within our lives and psyches." -Vivianne Crowley    

"Often synchronicity comes to us unbidden, but magic is about taking an active role in the process and creating synchronicity." -Vivianne Crowley

"Magic in all it's manifestations requires a leap of imagination. It is about having the courage to see the world differently." -Vivianne Crowley

"Much of traditional magic takes place by the light of the Moon. In the night world we are closer to the unconscious, the hidden, that which has yet to be made manifest, that which is suppressed and as yet realized. Past, present, and future are simultaneously one in the realm of the unconscious. Night is when this world and the other world can meet." -Vivianne Crowley

"Guides are helpful parts of our psyches, not our everyday personalities, but aspects of ourselves that are in touch with our unconscious, instinctual, and spiritual natures. They are way-showers." -Vivianne Crowley

"The tarot can show you trends that currently exist or the trends that will exist if you take a particular step. It is not there to tell you what to do. You are a free individual with the power of choice." -Vivianne Crowley

"The magical tradition sees incarnation in the body as a precious gift, one we should use wisely and well. We can best fulfill our destinies if our bodies function well. It is important to help them do just that." -Vivianne Crowley

"If you lack the self-esteem and common sense to do something as simple as body maintenance, you won't be able to do something as extraordinary as magic." -Vivianne Crowley

"Magic is a way of creating images that become reality. Images are a key to using the mind fully, to making it work. When we have a precognitive dream, we are passive receivers of images that then unfold to become the future. When we do magic, we create images, empower them and turn them into reality." -Vivianne Crowley

"Magic is a journey to uncover the creative spirit within. It is a beginning, a first step on the long path, a never-ending process that continues all around us and manifests itself within us. It lies at the deepest core of our being and at the universe's deepest heart. Magic is not for the faint-hearted, but it is for those who are prepared to take responsibility for themselves and the Divine spirit within them." -Vivianne Crowley

"Our cosmos is considered an emanation of, rather than a creation of, the Divine. This subtle wording means that the cosmos is part of the fabric of of the Divine. It is not fallen, corrupt, separate, or alienated from the Divine, but a manifestation of it." -Vivianne Crowley

"Truly spiritual people are truthful and simple and have a sense of humor. Ego trippers are full of self-deception and arcane jargon and have no sense of humor about themselves. If you meet someone like that, take magical action- run swiftly in the opposite direction." -Vivianne Crowley

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