BOOK NERD : Kickass Quotes From Unlock The Secret Messages Of Your Body by Denise Linn

I just finished Unlock The Secret Messages Of Your Body a few days ago, and I've already mentioned it in my newsletter and recommended it to several friends.

I'm still so enthusiastic about it that it was hard to pick out a little more than a dozen quotes to share with you here. Truly. I could have transcribed the entire book! It's that good. 

This is a book you do.

It requires taking action every day for 28 days and is laid out as a four week course, with each week exploring one of the four elements, air, water, fire, earth. 

There is a repetition of a few key themes throughout:  

Your body is speaking to you in every moment. 

Environmental clutter impacts your health. 

The fastest way to transform your body, and thus your life, is by taking action.

It's not that the information is so earth-shatteringly original, but it is none the less profound and delivered in a highly digestible way.

Do not let its simplicity turn you off or give you the impression that it has nothing of value to offer. I almost made that mistake. As I first flipped through its pages, I thought, "I already know this stuff."

But- something inside me said, "Do it anyway!" And- I am so glad I did.

You may know many things, but that knowing can always go deeper, and it never hurts to refresh your memory...

"The instant that you truly decide to change your life through empowering your body, you put forces in play that almost magically begin to transform your health, vigor and energy fields." -Denise Linn  

"When you are authentic, your soul and body thrive." -Denise Linn   

"Your future is created by the choices you make and- as surely as the sun rises- if you make the decision today to change your life and empower your body, the forces of the universe will unite to propel you in that direction." -Denise Linn 

"Every single day your soul is whispering to you; it's speaking to you through your body." -Denise Linn 

"Your conscious mind is often the last to know what's going on." -Denise Linn 

"When you're being truly creative, time stands still, and you enter a dimension that can carry you beyond the ordinariness of everyday life." -Denise Linn 

"Ask yourself...  If my body were a metaphor for my life, what would the message be?" -Denise Linn 

"There is a powerful correlation between your body and your life- if your body is sluggish and stagnant, it's easier to feel that way yourself. When your body is vibrant and singing with life-force energy, your spirit soars." -Denise Linn 

"Connecting with the Spirit of Earth can bring you back to what is real and authentic in life." -Denise Linn 

"To step into more vitality and balance in your body, clear out the clutter in your home." -Denise Linn 

"Almost all ancient and native cultures around the world practiced feng shui in one form or another. It's been around for so many centuries because it works. Your body and sense of well-being are constantly affected by the energy in your home." -Denise Linn 

"It's difficult to get where you want to go if you don't know where you are." -Denise Linn 

"Know that the more you follow your own star, stop trying to please everyone, and support your own needs in life, the healthier (and happier) you will be." -Denise Linn 

"The path to radiant well-being is through love, and the most important person to love is yourself." -Denise Linn 

"Your body is the sacred portal to the soul!" -Denise Linn

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