BOOK NERD : Kickass Quotes From Real Magic by Wayne Dyer

I sometimes wrap self help books in girlie-fashiony-rock-and-roll collages in order to disguise their goofy covers, which I have done with Wayne Dyer's Real Magic. However, this is not at all a reflection of the way I feel about the content inside.

Real Magic was a very important book for me. It made an impact on who I am.

I was studying the Law Of Attraction when I first read it, which was actually before the release of the infamous "Secret", and this book, Real Magic, is one of the things that helped me make the leap from LOA to calling myself a Witch. 

It opened a crack in my mind that later found me asking "isn't this magick?" every time I was able to successfully manifest some desired thing via the Law Of Attraction. It was a kind of stepping stone, a spiritual catalyst that launched me into a whole new way of seeing the world and my place in it.

It is a book that uses the words "miracle" and "magic" interchangeably, and it's emphasis is on getting into alignment with your soul's purpose, which truly is one of the most magickal things you will ever do...

"You are as capable as you need to be to fulfill your purpose." -Wayne Dyer

"You absolutely know when you have reached purpose. No one has to tell you. You know because you no longer question the meaning of your life." -Wayne Dyer

"There is an enormous irony that comes with reaching purpose in your life. The things that you previously believed to be so significant lose their allure. You no longer care about what is coming your way, yet lo and behold you find that those very things arrive in your life in larger and larger amounts." -Wayne Dyer

"You are the creator of your emotions. They originate with your thoughts. Those emotional reactions are actually physical in nature. Whatever emotions you are choosing with your thoughts will take up residence in your body." -Wayne Dyer

"Listen to your body and it will tell you exactly what you need to know." -Wayne Dyer

"The next time you have an intuitive notion that you are tempted to ignore, choose to follow it's lead. You must learn to cultivate the habit of trusting your intuition." -Wayne Dyer

"Getting your life to purpose and creating an openness to being assisted are crucial to becoming your own miracle worker." -Wayne Dyer

"The assistance you need will be provided by the universe as soon as you convert your readiness to willingness. Once you are willing you will find teachers in every niche of your life." -Wayne Dyer

"You can go way beyond believing and goal setting, to a new place within yourself: the place of knowing. It is in this realm of your mind that miracles are produced." -Wayne Dyer

"You have the capacity to create miracles and live a life of real magic, by using your invisible self to influence your physical reality." -Wayne Dyer

"Yesterday's miracle is today's reality. Today's miracle will be tomorrow's reality." -Wayne Dyer

"People who believe only what they can see or prove scientifically are limited by the current level of sophistication of our measuring devices." -Wayne Dyer

"The universe we live in works in exactly the same way as the universe that is within us." -Wayne Dyer

"I live to radiate this miraculousness I feel within me, and I know that this inner voice is capable of creating real authentic magic in many forms." -Wayne Dyer

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