EVERY WITCH WAY : An Interview With Ellen Dugan, author of Practical Prosperity Magick

Here's the thing about Ellen Dugan... She is not only one of the most beloved witches & prolific writers on the subject of magick in our time, she is also a really kind, funny, down to earth woman.

I know this, because I had the privilage of getting to speak with her on the phone twice this year, once in private and once for the interview you are about to listen to now...

And- I can honestly say that Off-The-Record Ellen, Public Ellen and Author Ellen match, which is a sign of absolute authenticity, and, as you may already know, around this joint, we're ALL about the authenticity!

We're also ALL about creating financial freedom for ourselves as a major component to creating the kickass lives of our dreams, and so this interview is right on target for our intentions now. ENJOY!

Pick up a copy of Practical Prosperity Magick or any one of the 16 books she's published in the last 11 years HERE.