BOOK NERD : Kickass Quotes From Succulent Wild Woman by SARK

SARK, Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, is as colorful, bold & outrageously nonconformist as her self-appointed name might suggest.

She is the first woman I ever heard talking about the "wild woman", and she has irrefutably inspired the look & feel of so many popular blogs, books & brands, including those of Leonie Dawson, Gala Darling... and all of the women who have been inspired by those women.

Her infectious, joyful spirit has had a kind of trickle down effect that has played a significant part in shaping the way we modern women express ourselves & bond together.

If you are new to her work, Succulent Wild Woman is a dazzling place to begin.

Her style may be whimsical and child-like, but it is certainly not frivolous.

SARK has the ability to dig deep into the darkness & pain of what it is to be a woman, especially a wounded woman, without sacrificing one ounce of humor, and she shares her own raw edges in a way that gives you permission to explore your own.

It's not so much that she's got all the answers but that she's willing to ask provocative questions, as much of herself as of you, and she invites you to explore explore explore in myriad ways...

Take her up on her offer! Go wild. Get juicy. And start coloring outside the lines of life...

"Succulent wild women are all around you. Look for the bright eyes, ready smile, and unusual clothes." -SARK

"As little girls, we served flower petals on plates made of leaves, and imaginary liquid in thimbles, wearing skirts made of old tablecloths." -SARK

"Fill your life with tiny and large adventurous moments." -SARK

  "Women are very good at shining kindness outward, yet if you ask how kind they are to themselves, they often cry. Turn the kindness spotlight inward." -SARK

"I am a seeker, a believer and a creative being. My furniture is all white. I drink only red wine. This makes me some kind of optimist." -SARK

"No matter how dry and tame and nice we live, we will die. We will also suffer along the way. Living wild is it's own reward." -SARK

"We deserve wildness. Wildness can be as simple as wearing tall boots when none of your friends do, or talking to gorgeous strangers, or visiting expensive hotels for just a cup of tea. Whatever takes us out of our routine and gives us a little interior spark, is wild." -SARK

"The journal is a witness, an unconditional friend, a soul teacher. Sometimes we just complain. Writing out the dark thoughts lessens their power." -SARK

"Choosing succulence is a deliberate act of personal revolution. It means waking up! Embracing your true self, studying your patterns, and letting out your most alive self. We all have one." -SARK

"Let's laugh at cellulite! Start a cellulite acceptance club. Find ways to make friends with it. I realize that cellulite has stuck by me all these years- it must have something to offer." -SARK

"I dream of a time where women stand proud and tall- whatever their breast size." -SARK

"Women are just as smart about money as any man, and just as deserving to have a lot of it." -SARK

"I spent many years being furious with men. I didn't realize that they were experiencing oppression of a different kind." -SARK

"I entered a long period of celibacy, therapy, and learning to fall in love with myself." -SARK

"Women need space to be creative. Creativity thrives in solitude. -SARK

  "I found that society is mystified by women alone. We don't commonly celebrate alone-ness the way we celebrate couples." -SARK

"I wish for women to explore the world and open as many doors as possible. There are many ways to have adventures with little or no money, and lots of creative thinking." -SARK

"Wake up! We need you as an alive and awake woman, listening and contributing. Wake up your creative genius and let it out into the world. Wake up your power and use it wisely. Wake up to your pain and investigate it. Wake up the dull old parts that are hiding from the light. Wake up to love and let it flood through you. Wake up to see the other souls around you. Let them affect you. Live in the center of your life." -SARK

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