BOOK NERD : Kickass Quotes From The Path Of A Christian Witch by Adelina St. Clair

"There is no such thing as a Christian Witch"... that's how one man starts his scathing review of The Path Of A Christian Witch.

I feel a bit defensive when I see comments like that and really quite protective of this book.

I know that most Christians will say that a Christian can not be a Witch and many witches will say that a Witch can not be a Christian.

But they are wrong, as is evidenced by Adelina St. Clair's very existence. How can you argue with that?

If you are a person who feels conflicted about a Christian calling herself a Witch or vice versa, you stand to gain tremendous clarity by way of this simple, heartfelt book.

When I say it is simple, I do not mean that it is naive or shallow or the stuff of "new age fluffy bunnies", as the aforementioned reviewer tried to label it. It is simple, because it is without adornment and fanfare.

It is honest, personal, and quietly profound.

I guess that irritates some people, but if you yourself are a ChristoPagan of any stripe, you will no doubt adore this book.

I do not consider myself a Christo anything, but I was powerfully moved by it none the less. It helped to bridge the gap between the religion I grew up with, as well as the family I am still very much a part of, and the winding witchy path I find myself walking now...

"The rules I used to follow blindly simply crumbled to the ground... From now on, I would follow only my heart, and let the magic of the world surround me." -Adelina St. Clair

"...without Spirit, knowledge was just random information. It could never be wisdom." -Adelina St. Clair

A Witch walks the world in complete awareness. The whole world is her sacred sanctuary, and through the world she is connected to all that is. She sees in nature the expression of the Divine and she communes with it directly." -Adelina St. Clair

"I could meet others, learn about magic, celebrate the Goddess and the cycles of nature. I could dance around a circle and lift my hands up high in praise. I could be a Witch." -Adelina St. Clair

"I had joined Pagan circles to celebrate femininity; my church had spent centuries trying to eradicate it." -Adelina St. Clair 

"I had made a clear distinction in mind between the church as a political institution and the teachings of Christ. Often the two did not match, and I felt no obligation to follow the dictates of a church that did not follow Christ's teachings of love and humility." -Adelina St. Clair

"Jesus himself called this earthly body a temple. But it was not until I got interested in magic and the mysteries that I began to be interested in things of the body." -Adelina St. Clair

"Because our vibration is so important and because energy work goes through our body, as Witches it is extremely important that we take care of our body." -Adelina St. Clair

"Ground. Focus. Get a grip. Trust." -Adelina St. Clair

"I am a Christian Witch, a walking contradiction." -Adelina St. Clair

"Magic taught me the power of imagination, the most underrated of human abilities." -Adelina St. Clair

"I could feel what it might have been like to stand in Athena's temple or in a sacred grove. I bridged the worlds, keeping one foot on Earth and one hand in heaven." -Adelina St. Clair

The Holy Spirit is the invisible component of the Holy Trinity, the messenger of faith and the holy fire that stirs the imagination and the will." -Adelina St. Clair

"The Web is something you experience, not something you can understand with words. Once we get together and start resonating with others, we act like a single organism, working as a whole, each of us with our specific functions and purposes. That' where our purpose lies; to be in resonance with others. In isolation, we are just mechanics. Together, we fulfill a purpose. This is the mystery of the Web." -Adelina St. Clair

"I am keeping the Christian aspect because I have no reason to give it up. All my life I have been blessed in the most amazing way. Every time I have been in need of anything, I have been answered. For as long as I can remember, I have been talking to Jesus and Mary. I cannot turn my back on such a friendship" -Adelina St. Clair

"The greatest lesson that I have learned as a Christian Witch is that life is full of abundance and that blessings ever flow for those who cultivate peace." -Adelina St. Clair

"This is my credo, my way of life, the way I give thanks for my blessings." -Adelina St. Clair

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