BOOK NERD : Kickass Quotes From Witch In The Kitchen - Magical Cooking For All Seasons by Cait Johnson

I hope it's obvious in everything I do that I am a Kitchen Witch through & through...

You also probably know that I am mad about the Wheel Of The Year, so it should come as no surprise that I adore Cait Johnson's Witch In The Kitchen : Magical Cooking For All Seasons.

It's my favorite book to bust out when it's time to prepare for another turn of the wheel, and I often thumb through it just because... just for the fun of it!

The recipes are all vegetarian and often include grains, which is a bit of a bummer for me, as I eat a mostly grain-free diet, but I enjoy reading through them none the less.

Cait has a knack for giving cooking a magickal spin and writes about the seasons in a deeply thoughtful, super inspiring way.

Even if you never bring to life a single recipe within, I recommend nabbing this book for the opening section alone. It's all about setting up your kitchen as a sacred space, and it is positively delightful...

"Prepare to be amazed at the ways in which the universe will give to you." -Cait Johnson

"The oven is an ancient emblem of transformation. Raw bread dough is one thing, but baked bread is clearly another; what comes out of the oven is quite different from what went in." -Cait Johnson

"We are all inextricably connected to our mother planet and to the food she gives us, but many of us have forgotten that the connection is a sacred one. When we remember, then food may become the key to sacred experience. Our bodies will open the door and show us the way through." -Cait Johnson

"Cooking was once considered a sacred act. After all, the cauldron and the stewpot are clearly related, and making a meal from a recipe is akin to casting a spell. Ingredients are gathered with intention, specific actions are performed in a certain order with a desired outcome in mind, and then- voila!- the magic is served up." -Cait Johnson

"...exploring the sacredness of cooking means cooking with mindful awareness, with deeply felt pleasure and playful creativity, using foods that reflect the changing energies of the seasons, that are in harmony with the cycles of the Earth and those of your own body. When we cook with a sense of magic and mindfulness, we can all be witches in the kitchen." -Cait Johnson

"What really matters is not how much or how often we cook, but how deeply we pay attention when we do the cooking we do." -Cait Johnson

"The pleasures of making visual connection between ourselves and our Earth Mother are many." -Cait Johnson

"When I engage in spirit-centered activities the intent is more often to open myself, to embrace and accept the potential for growth in what is, rather than to change things to suit my desires." -Cait Johnson

"There is absolutely no reason that we cannot all be deeply successful, creating lives rich with meaning and purpose that feed us, body and soul, for the good of all." -Cait Johnson

"Think about your own power to make things grow, to bring ideas and projects to fruition, to warm the people around you." -Cait Johnson

"Our works, like the glorious colors of the leaves, can shine brightly for a while before winter comes to teach us how to rest." -Cait Johnson

"You could design an entire meal around the favorite recipes of your dead loved ones. Set an extra place for anyone who has died in the past year, or for a special relative or friend. Tell loving stories about them at dinner." -Cait Johnson

"Today, the abundance of witch figures may remind us of a time long ago when the Crone or Wise Woman was revered instead of feared..." -Cait Johnson 

"A ritual is any activity performed with intention... Rituals are meant to alter our awareness, to bring us into a deeper mode of being or perceiving. Ritual activity before we cook will help us to approach cooking in a more mindful, sacred way." -Cait Johnson

"Food and sex are two basic pleasures that go very well together." -Cait Johnson

"...whether we are alone or with loved ones, when we finally sit down at the table, we can taste each bite with gratitude- gratitude for the ways we make magic, this splendid planet, and for the seasons that offer such delicious nourishment for our bodies and our souls." -Cait Johnson

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