BOOK NERD : Kickass Quotes From Mama Gena's School Of Womanly Arts by Regena Thomashauer

If you are in touch with your feminine side and don't mind a pink, whimsical presentation that includes an author continuously referring to herself as "Mama", you might really enjoy Mama Gena's School Of Womanly Arts. You might even be inspired by it!

As its subtitle suggests, it is all about "using the power of pleasure to have your way with the world," and the kind of pleasure she is talking about is not the kind of pleasure that you give. It's the kind of pleasure you receive... as in take for yourself.

Can you handle that?!

A lot of women can't. It's a new concept for many of us. Taking pleasure. We are such natural givers, and society often expects us to give. So- we give & give & give & give until we have nothing left.

When you think about it- it's rather counter-intuitive. If you want to give, if you enjoy giving or even feel that it's your soul's purpose to be a giver, it makes no sense to give & give until you have nothing left... because well- then you have nothing left to give! And who does that benefit? No one.

If what I am saying here resonates with you at all, I'd like to suggest giving this book a chance. It is sexy, fun and oh so liberating. I doubt you'll be disappointed...

"Those who don't enjoy their own spirit, sensuality, personality, and preferences are never as beautiful as they could be." -Regena Thomashauer

"Once you have made the decision to own your beauty, you can get on with your accomplishments." -Regena Thomashauer

"You need to keep in mind that you are the creatrix. You make the rules, you change the rules, so you are never left behind. Your energy is free to glow all about you and through you because you are the queen of your very own game of life." -Regena Thomashauer

"Just as a seed needs soil, sun, and water in order to grow, your appetite requires a support system to really spring to life. The best fertilizers you can find for your sprouting desires are fun and pleasure- they are all-natural and you can never have too much of them, so sprinkle them daily throughout your life." -Regena Thomashauer

"Everything I have attracted by desire has meant significantly more to me than anything that came strictly through an outlay of cash." -Regena Thomashauer

"We are not accustomed to being in a state of profound gratitude toward our lives and the gift of life. But gratitude is an essential practice that opens us up for more..." -Regena Thomashauer

"Become expert at finding beauty in every aspect of womanhood, fat or thin, young or ancient, petite or imposing." -Regena Thomashauer

"Every baby is beautiful. Every woman is beautiful. Every creation of the Goddess is beautiful." -Regena Thomashauer

"Life without your pleasure as a priority is one of perpetual victimization and stagnation." -Regena Thomashauer

"I have never known anyone who followed their deepest desires with all-out enthusiasm and failed. It is almost as if the universe gives you a leg up, or a helping hand when you really go for what your heart desires." -Regena Thomashauer

"The only way out of your fears is through them. They will always greet you, whether you're giving birth, starting your own business, making a painting, or falling in love. But those who wow us with their creativity and daring know the fear tends to ease once you accept it." -Regena Thomashauer

"If you think that a man is going to lead you to your true happiness, you are all drunk- drunk, I tell you. Drunk on the legend of Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White. Well, I'll say it again, 'cause I can't say it enough- that waiting for Mr. Right is gonna keep your life and happiness on hold as long as it exists." -Regena Thomashauer

"If you want to be treasured, you have to treasure yourself first and then show someone how to treasure you." -Regena Thomashauer

"Go get yourself a fella who is fun for you. The key is fun. People think the key is love or commitment. That is not the case. You love the people you have fun with." -Regena Thomashauer

"Your dreams are not too big for you, you would not have them if they were not just the right size and shape for the individual you are. They are blueprints of your future fulfillment." -Regena Thomashauer

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