EVERY WITCH WAY : An Interview With Suzanne Palmieri, Author of The Witch Of Little Italy & The Witch Of Belladonna Bay

Suzanne Palmieri is the epitome of a kickass witch!

Truly. She is all kinds of smart, driven, talented, funny, soulful and, of course, magickal.

She's also a prolific author with a bonafide publishing deal with a major publishing house. TWO, in fact, if you can believe that....

And you'd better believe it, because this woman is no joke, and soon you will be hearing her name everywhere!

This is exciting for a couple of reasons :

1. It's a beautiful thing to see genuine talent & gumption succeed.

2. She is living proof that publishing deals still exist.

My biggest takeaway from this interview is her genius take on Living On The Layaway Plan. It's a whole new paradigm for me, and I'm so enamored of it that I will most likely be doing a separate post on that sometime in the near future. So- stay tuned for that!

And- in the meantime, make yourself comfy & settle in for some seriously awesome conversation with a super inspiring woman...

Visit Suzanne's website to start the witchy reading NOW, and visit her blog, The Diary Of A Lost Witch, for some whacky, personal, riveting, sweet stuff to keep the inspiration going in your own life...