BOOK NERD : Kickass Quotes From The Now Habit : A Strategic Plan For Overcoming Procrastination And Enjoying Guilt-Free Play by Neil A. Fiore, PhD

The Now Habit : A Strategic Plan For Overcoming Procrastination And Enjoying Guilt-Free Play... the title of this book says it all. It is exactly what it says it is, and it delivers.

This is the book that, in my opinion, every chronic procrastinator needs.

Procrastination is such a nasty habit. It destroys self esteem and creates all kinds of unpleasant fall out. It's also mysteriously hard to overcome once it gets it's hooks into you. I know this, because this was an issue I used to have. BiG TiME.

And- this is the book that set me on the path to breaking free of it.

What I love about the techniques it outlines, besides the fact that they work, is that they are designed to get you into a place of productivity by way of FUN. It has so much to do with taking the time to reward yourself for a job well done, utilizing your creativity, and making time for pleasure.

It's also about rewiring the neural pathways of your brain so that every time you move in the direction of productivity, you make it that much easier to repeat that behavior in the future. 

It may not be the most romantic or whimsical presentation, but, if you pay close attention, it does possess it's own special brand of magick...

"...procrastination is not a character defect; rather, it is an attempt- albeit an unsatisfactory one- at coping with the often incapacitating fear of having our worth held up for judgment." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

"If you believe that a judgment of your work is a judgment on yourself, then perfectionism, self-criticism, and procrastination are necessary forms of protection." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

"One main reason why we procrastinate; it rewards us with temporary relief from stress." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

"We can become addicted to the rewards of procrastination." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

"The first major step out of procrastination is to become aware of how fear leads to your old patterns and how creating safety leads to productivity." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

"Knowing how you procrastinate is even more important than knowing why. You can use your awareness of negative patterns to redirect your energy toward forming positive habits." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

"To avoid the procrastination cycle, you must abandon unattainable goals and halfhearted wishes." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

"As you leave your old procrastination habits behind, you can turn your attention more readily toward achieving your goals." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

"Vague goals must be translated into something tangible you can do. A realistic goal includes an action verb, a deadline, and a cost component, usually time or money." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

"One of the best-kept secrets of successful producers is their ability to let go of goals that cannot be achieved or started in the near future." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

"Whenever you catch yourself losing motivation on a project, look for the implicit "have to" in your thinking and make a decision at that moment to embrace the path- as it is, not the way you think it should be- or let go of it. It's your choice." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

"Saying no is an important practice for procrastinators. It lessons the likelihood that you'll rush into a task in order to make up for a perceived lack of worth. A direct and maturely stated "No" clears the air much more quickly than a passive "Yes, I guess I have to" that you then resent and rebel against by procrastinating." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

"Each time you choose to switch your energy from your procrastination self-talk to the language of the producer, you are wiring in a new track of brain cells- a new neural pathway in your brain. After you switch from the old path to the new several times, the new associations will strengthen, becoming easier to initiate, while the old ones will atrophy." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

"People learn faster in an environment where praise for steps in the right direction is abundant and criticism is kept constructive and focused on an area that can be improved." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

"Making play a priority in your life is part of learning to overcome procrastination." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

"Whatever happens, my self-worth will survive. I make myself safe." -Neil A. Fiore, PhD

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