The Sacred Bitch : Your New Best Friend

This is an encore presentation of both yesterday's episode of HiPPiE WiTCH and a newsletter that I sent out this past February. So... I guess that makes it a Double Encore Presentation!

I don't usually repeat myself like this, but the reason I am doing so now is because The Sacred Bitch is a super important, all kinds of empowering archetype to have in your psycho-spiritual arsenal, and I would hate for you to miss out on that...

The Sacred Bitch Rules The Domain Of Healthy Boundaries. 

"No" is her wisest weapon and she does not wield this weapon in attack or even in defensiveness. She uses it with compassion and as an act of grace...

"No" is her word of power and, if spoken in alignment with her heart's desire & soul's purpose, it empowers everyone involved, but most importantly herself- for she knows that in order to be of service to anyone, she must first be whole and in tact herself.

She needs to be strong, well-rested, and centered or else she won't be coming from the Realm of The Sacred Bitch, she'll be snappy & reactive, volatile & out of control with her own emotions and behaviors, which is when "bitch" loses it's sacredness and becomes that old cliche of an insult that brings up so much shame.

"I'm tough, I'm ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. 
If that makes me a bitch, okay." -Madonna

(newsletter excerpt from Feb. 2014) :

The Sacred Bitch is one powerful archetype & she comes out to play when you develop a truly kickass sense of Self Love.

(Men- you have a Sacred Bitch too- although you may choose to call it something else...)

The Sacred Bitch is not impulsive, reactive, overly defensive or out of control.

She does not shout. She does not bob her head around on her shoulders like her neck is made of rubber. She does not wave her finger in your face, stomp her feet, slam doors or stalk you on Facebook.

She doesn't have to.

She knows how to get it done by standing in her Truth and by standing up for herself with grace & clarity. She can take a stand without grand standing. And some people can't stand that.

You know what she says of people like that? People who want to stir up drama, drag her into their nonsense or try to shame her for being a Bitch?


And she means it. She doesn't waste her time wringing her hands over warrantless criticism. She knows her worth. She doesn't need a second opinion.

The Sacred Bitch is a formidable ally. 

She will make sure that leak gets fixed, those contracts are honored, and that sleazy bar fly keeps his hands where she can see 'em.

She makes a fantastic companion to The Mother, looking out for her family like a protective lioness, and, for this reason, she also makes a wonderful friend.

The Sacred Bitch is sacred, because she is strongly connected to divinity, YOUR Divinity. 

She is a Spiritual Warrior, a fierce Advocate, and a loving show of kindness toward yourself.

So- don't be afraid to welcome her in. Every time you say No to something that you know is not for you, every time you hold firm on a decision, ask for what you deserve or put a new healthy boundary in place she is there.

She is there in your head held high, your confident stride and unshakable stance. You know her. She's been with you all along & she is happy to be of service...


  PODCAST: The Sacred Bitch : Your New Best Friend